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—Miguel de Unamuno


Sunday, September 10, 2006

You Know Something Happened, Right?

That's right, I had an incident.

On the 28th of last month in Jersey City, NJ (in which I discovered the Ringside Grill, Mike Tyson, his trainer Mario who owns the joint and the adjoining gym, Luis Collazo's people and lil' ugly ass Beetlejuice who really shouldn't drink alcohol) as I was backing the truck into a parking space, I cut the steering wheel hard to the left and held on to get a good cutting angle to get the trailer into the space properly (hey, I'm fresh outta training). I also held onto the wheel as the 515 HP engine cut the wheel back to its normal position which yanked my arm to the right, effectively ripping my biceps tendon and probably tearing my rotator cuff.

I'm hurt.

I've been back in Salt Lake city since the 30th going thru rehab and medical tests. The company thought I was faking the injury, so I got flown in. After preliminary tests in Seacaucus, NJ and various poking and prodding it seems that my pain and weakness has been validated. I've been on a Lortab/Naproxen/Ibuprofen/Tagamet cocktail since last week which is the reason I haven't blogged. I've only spoken with a chosen few and totally lost contact with a few more. Really tells me what's really good with folk I still consider good people but let's me know who I should and should not eff with.

I ain't complaining.

I get an MRI tomorrow morning (September 11, right... I know) and that should tell me how much damage has been really done. I'm not depressed but I'm really bummed out that I've been grounded and am back all up and thru Mormon central.

Whatever, man.

After we develop a treatment plan for the shoulder (the left one) I am on the first thing smoking to Chicago. It's not a good thing to be stranded, isolated and injured in an unfamiliar place with little to no support.

random ish:

Yes, I have an injury attorney... We're working so chill.

Yes, I'm thinking of getting out of the trucking ish, especially if I have major damage

Big, big shouts to my sister Heather for keeping me sane and getting me some cash when I needed it

Big, major shots to Aisa as well for keeping me grounded and focused

Lick a shot for DeAnne as well for spiritual convo. And we gotta finish that convo about Ray Bradbury and Fahrenheit 451... I loved that book.

Al, I'm coming home so we can finish what we started... I'm pumped about that.

I have job offers in Chicago and Atlanta pending... Someone is keeping me from making the ATL my new condo spot...

I met some cool ass people here in Salt Lake... Wassup Jodi, keep working on Randy's ass. Y'all belong together.

I'm left handed and I injured my left shoulder... Typing is a mutha... I wonder if I were a chronic master of my own domain how I would feel at this moment. I guess I'll have to use my other hand.

Al and I had a very lengthy convo and it is imperative that I get back to the Chi and finish recording the album. This (other than the shoulder thing, shoulder thing, shoulder thing (get it right, 2 step and and let the shoulder thing... Never mind) is the reason I'm getting back to the Chi. There might be a nice reward for finishing the album sooner than later.

Like someone else working hard to press and distribute the CD.


I think I might blog more often now that I'm out of my 'hooked on vicodin' phase.


aquababie said...

dang! please take care of yourself.

Kip said...


GOD BLESS you brotha and I hope your get over your injury weell and swell sorry to hear that - that happened to you. Usually boxers tear their rotator cuffs I know you will heal Hassan, and also you needed to get out of chi- town for awhile. And, you got out and on the road and got to see some places. You just chill and recover man and take it easy until you heal.


By Chance

Ms_SoCal said...

Please continue to heal and stay safe ... Be good to you!

Nika Laqui said...

Gimme some Vicodin...

Sorry to hear that mayne...

If it ain't one thing its another...
I really wanted you to succeed in that...

Well just move to Plan B...right?

princessdominique said...

Missed reading you. Sounds like things are on the upswing though.

Anonymous said...

feel better. why would they think you were faking an injury? sheeesh!

Gallis said...

I'll say one thing Hassan, you're never boring dude.