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—Miguel de Unamuno


Sunday, November 05, 2006

30 Days... 30 Posts: Day Five

I was supposed to blog about something, but I am a victim of NFL Sunday Ticket.

Lord, guide my hands to actually blog about something worthwhile tomorrow.
Protect my family and friends on this beautiful day.
Make peace in all of the unsettled land now that Saddam has been sentenced, and have mercy on his soul.
Keep our troops out of harms way.
I thank you for all of my gifts, and most importantly for the gift of life.

And make sure the Bears smash the Dolphins
Vick runs all over the Lions in Detroit
And that Reggie Bush and Deuce get at least 125 yards rushing apiece
And bless Bill Parcells for Starting Tony Romo against the Redskins

Did I mention that you should bless the Bears to go 8-0?

Oh, okay...



princessdominique said...

Funny. Enjoy the game!

Rose said...

Cute. That was creative enough to get a post in today.

Naomi said...

I just came in from church and read your prayer. LOL! OK, my day is complete now. :)

Your creativity amazes me. Enjoy the game(s)!

deepnthought said...


The Stiltwalker said...

Um, I didn't see reference to me, a la queen, in your prayers. You slacking homes.

aquababie said...

sad to say, chicago didn't make it. the rest of my football picks got jacked up.

Luke Cage said...

Brahhh.. you my dawg and all, but those picks got slaughtered yesterday... But I love the prayer...

Gallis said...

Have I mentioned you make me wail?

Anonymous said...

I think that 8-0 did not happen.