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—Miguel de Unamuno


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

30 Days... 30 Posts: Day One

Inspired by Princess Dominique to post every day this month, I post in the late afternoon... On purpose.

Just got home from the volunteer gig. If you don't know what I do when I'm not writing or recording, I spend 6-8 hours a day hanging out, playing board games, watching a hella lot of PBS-style programs just kicking it at the University children's hospital. I didn't know I had a thing for the shawties, and these aren't your average kids wreaking havoc among the living. Most of these tykes are uber intelligent and know what condition the world and society as a whole is in, not just themselves.

It's not as tiring as I thought it would be, except for when I get home and just pass out.

I'm taking public transportation to and fro the hospital. It's also where I'm getting my workups done for the kidney thing so I'm there a lot. Let's just say I am not fond of high school aged kids that are not under adult supervision.

Left the hospital early today because the flu-like symptoms I had this past weekend are messing with my ass.

I got bad gas today... Weird.

Why when I got in and started up Google did I click on a sister from my past's Google talk bubble and input "why must I avoid people?"

Why was her username still in my chat list?

Why did I panic when I got a response from the her and saw her username?

Why am I embarrassed by doing that? Time to clean stuff out so awkward moments like that don't happen again.

I have to return phone calls. Most of the time when I do field phone calls I'm at home. I do carry a man-sack ala Dwayne Wayne when I travel and with the bad shoulder and taking busses and trains to and fro in the city during the work week I have no time nor strength to yap away during the commute. Who in the hell are folks talking to anyway? I can see yapping about the occasional grocery list and what to get from Blockbuster, but why is it when I ride the commuter train do I have the hear all of the intimate details of last night's tryst all out in the open? Why you gotta yell like that? Can you really hear the other person over the noise of the engines and passenger chatter? Can you please get an earpiece, you're hurting my arm holding that tic-tac to your head!

I haven't been able to chat to my peeps the way I wanted to in the past few days. I had obligations to hit no less than 5 parties last night and I was in the house at all of them shaking hands and kissing babies... And vampires, and playboy bunnies.

You get the drift.

In doing all of that I have folks calling me that now that weren't calling me then and prolly don't understand (even though I am an artist and I try to communicate this to everyone) why I can't just pick up the phone and chill for the next whatever and just chop game. In promotion of myself and others

(Had to... Shameless plug I know, but that's my family!)

I have to do the damn dance because I write my own paychecks now and that shit is hard. It's bad enough when I call for revolution the only person who hears me lives waaaaay the hell out there, but I love her anyway. For the most part, I go unheard unless there is free liquor served at one of my functions, so chilling at the rest laid up on the telly is a rare option I have.

Unless there's a little time to waste.

Lately that's been rare.


deepnthought said...

cool. I hope tom is awesome. I hope you have a good time.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new reader to your blog...but I have to admit that I'm guilty of talking on the phone out in public like that. It makes the time go by faster. LOL

Gallis said...

There is no such thing as a shameless plug! :)

princessdominique said...

Glad you took the challenge. I have bad gas today (yesterday) too. Glad everything else is going well. I have to comb through my list too and make sure that there are no erroneous names on it.

NeenaLove said...

**big hug & a sunshine kiss**