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—Miguel de Unamuno


Thursday, November 02, 2006

30 Days... 30 Posts: Day Two

I am in love with hip hop.

I really am.

In writing for the current album project I was craving some 1993-94 type drum patterns straight and low and behold...I found this young cat in Jersey that's hungry and damn... I actually think we can get national exposure now that he's in the fold.

You ever want a burger? Even though you no longer eat red meat?

Okay. I've made my decision. I made plans last year to go to an island for Thanksgiving and then changed plans for the her that I had interest in. That didn't work out due to internal issues, but this year I want to actually be someplace other than Chicago for thanksgiving.

That's right. I wanna sit at YOUR table and laugh at your funny ass uncle that thinks seersucker suits are still cool. Can I come to your house for turkey day? I'll pay for the plane ticket if you like...

he must be joking, right?

I hate this time between Halloween and Thanksgiving. All of that hideous candy is on sale and I gotta get ready to eat something that ain't from a pig, cow or foul so I won't offend. I miss the days of genuine family gatherings and real great times. These days, families do this zombified programmed thing and just go thru the motions in the spirit of what we attempt to call thanks giving. For black folks, that ish is really wearing off because we were less than pond scum in the eyes of the looters and thieves that created the holiday. To try to carry that lie forward just ain't working, so we used to get together and do the family thing, but so many homes are broken...

So much food, so many homeless...

About that cheeseburger... What would I have on it and will I get sick if I eat it?

Damn, this is only day two of the 'blogging for the month' thing... I have got to think of better things to blog about. Maybe because I never plan these things...

I wrote my first firery hardcore revolutionary piece that goes perfectly hard rock guitars.
I miss my yogi.
I miss Yo MTV Raps
I gotta bump Digable Planets' Blow Out Comb right now because I need that vibe in my life right now.
I miss Uptown Comedy Club

What am I blogging about?

I hope all my kinfolk show tonight to support my fam's promo concert. It should be a good night... I know it'll be a long ass night. As much as I love a good show, I'm getting old and I will fall asleep backstage.

Why did I have to hang up on an ex yesterday? She's in school but wants to go to a diploma mill to get certified in a skill that'll make her more money now. While she's in school. What ever happened to the big picture? She wants material things now and needs money to 'pay for school', Isn't that what student loans are for? She already has a good job, but wants a higher paying job while she's already gainin what she'll need to get paper in the near future. You follow me? Isn't that what she's there for now? So I told her that she should stick with her original plan, complete her degree and work torwards the big picture. I don't understand why so many people can't see past wanting to get stuck in a skilled labor position that'll get you no further than where you already are especially when you're already earning a degree that'll get you farther. So she snaps at me and begins to cuss me because "I got my shit together. "

"We all can't be like you, as a matter of fact, fuck you with your got it together ass! We cant all just go out there and get what we want like you're doing because we're not like you..."


Why I bothered to pick up the phone I still wonder. Closed minds get no peace.

And she wonders why she's an ex?


Anonymous said...

That's one of the major problems kids today ... they are blinded by the superficial and they are unable to see life in the long term.

Glad you're doing the 30 days of blogging. Don't worry about stuff to write about ... it'll come. It better cause I'll be checking everyday. :)

I absolutely love love love Thanksgiving. Something about the smell of Thanksgiving reminds me of home.

Anonymous said...

oops ... problems with kids today

deepnthought said...

dont write "her" off so soon. You may still get to do the thanksgiving thing who knows. I am not a big fan of thanksgiving. I have been told I get weird around this time.

Luke Cage said...

The heck with that man. I told Dom there was no way I could do 30 in 30. Not the way I write too and plus, like yourself my blogs aren't programmed or even on the ready, to be ready to be jotted down. Too much spell check to do.-lol

Damn man. We must be cut from the same cloth. I know a sista right now that said nearly verbatim the same thing your ex said to you. Why it gotta be "fuck you with your got it together ass" though luv?? geez...

aquababie said...

is this "hang up on your ex" week or something? i hung up on mine last week. he pushed me to the wall!

Anonymous said...

I would invite you to Thanksgiving with my folks but I don't even go over there. They're too wild for tv.

Oh...and I eat veggie burgers. A bun with lettuce, pickles, mustard, cheese and tomatoes.

princessdominique said...

I would invite you but ummm, you may not be here.

Gallis said...

That's what I like about Canadian Thanksgiving. We have it second Sunday in October, then Halloween, and a good six weeks 'til Christmas. Just bout right if you ask me.

Rose said...

Hassan I bet you would be an interesting guest for Thanksgiving. I really don't want to cook myself. The 30 day blog thingy is going to be interesting since I am also taking the NANO challege too. But I want to see could I come up with something to write everyday.

Aly Cat 121 said...

I know what you mean about hamburgers, though I only seem to crave those when I'm pregnant. And who says you have to eat pork and what not on Thanks Taking Day? I'm sure whoever has you as a guest would be more than happy to accomodate your palate. Guests are to be pleased amd pampered. And the ex's. what's to say. *shakin head*

LadyLee said...

Awww Hassan, hope you find somewhere to go... I am looking for somewhere to go for thanksgiving too... I am liking that island idea, though. If I am honest about it, I am just thankful to have that Thursday and Friday off from work!

I'm glad you hung up on your ex... She was tripping! I have a hard time with people who want everything now, now, NOW!

Hey man, go get yourself an ostrich burger... tastes like beef, but it ain't beef, you know??

Good luck on your 30 day challenge... I see several of you are doing it! Should be some interesting reads! I know ya'll can work it out!

NeenaLove said...

LOL... great piece!!! thanks for sharing your thoughts.


DivineLavender said...

I think it is "Hang up On Ass Holes Week!" I mean I thought I erased all their numbers by now...but those fuggas creep up and call from a different number. What was wrong with me? I wonder, did they get reconstructive personality surgery and figure they could creep and crawl back into my life?

It ain't an espiode of Nip/Tuck fool!!!

Click! *I almost took out my pink finga from the flip phone hanging up with force and all attitudal! LMFAO*