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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Friday, November 03, 2006

30 Days... 30 Posts: Day Three

I haven't been to sleep.

I have composed some dope ish during my non-slumber period.

And cleaned my room.

I came in after the set last night (it was cool if you wanna know) and popped in a DVD of "stuff" I get from time to time when I do these things and guess what? A bootlegged file of 'Th.e" was on there. I already paid my $10 to see it opening weekend, but I totally forgot how Scorsese draws you in and keeps you there.

I've been creating though...
check the abstract:

Live from the live, I function properly don't need permission
Body achieves positive nitrogen balance - ammunition

Speech pays tuition - intuition particles that bring light
creates a pattern complex molecules that shape my speech fight

My speak complexes matters grafted from the far who are near
Staccato phrasing talk of triumph that they can't stand to hear

The battle cry shoots from my eyes with every glance, every stare
Reflect refraction resurrect repeat from when I was there

I watched me fall I saw me build but yet I could not get up
Wrung all my blood out from my rotted flesh and drank from your cup

or my current ode to my hip hop mistress:

The boom, the bip The boom bip
The cymbal, the hi-hat, and then the snare kicks
The multidimensional effect of the scratch
The power of the word, ideas that they hatch
The funk loop sample that's repeatin'' in my head
Influences the head nod, but I'm frowning instead.
The complex funk pumped by the drum machine
Causes the screwed up faces, the look of a fiend
That lives in the grooves of the platter that be spinnin''
I am its living history was there from the beginning.
We're living in a world where the word is the word
The literal is spiritual, so funk what you heard
We cry out to the universe to let em' know we're here
We share personal triumphs, our heartaches, our fears
We drop commentaries political in nature
We get braggadocious, we're lovers-we're haters
See certain words and phrases that stand out in your mind
It elevates your thought process and transcends time
The thump of that bass drum, the snare and the hats
Be sparking incantation from the rage of the raps
The trans-like state caused from booming out your speakers
Gets stronger over time, the groove can never grow weaker...

Maybe I need sleep... Maybe I need to get some. Maybe I need to get an advance... Nah...
I'm sleepy y'all and ain't scheduled to hit the hay until Sunday night. Gotta fellowship, shake hands with some new peeps and record a few songs.

Have a good weekend yourdamnseves...


aquababie said...

i love the word play on the first piece...

peace :)

hopefully by reading some of your words, i'll get inspired. get yourself some sleep.

Anonymous said...

You're awfully creative when you've had no sleep. Keep it up!

Luke Cage said...

Not bad for a brotha suffering from sleep deprivation man. What's a brotha like when you're awake?! But get some rest man. I heard it's essential to having a sharp mind to confront this world of ours at large!

The Brown Blogger said...

Thanks, sis. It just came to me after I had a daydream that I was on a book tour. I came out with a megaphone and shouted that out in the bookstore. That was all I could remember... Get inspired, dammit! I wanna read some of your work!

I'm awfully awful when I've had no sleep. Most of the time. Now if I can get a little Vitamin water, tofu and sachews in me there will be a problem.

I usually get slepp, but it's performance season and I gotta lot of stuff I need to get out before it fades away. Or bothers me into an institution. You'll see...

Paula D. said...

hassan......nothin' but the hotness! I love it! I'm over here moving my head like I hear beats with the lyrics :-)

The Brown Blogger said...

paula d:
Wait til' next week, i'll post a new track. I'm mixing it this weekend.

keep bouncing...

Kip said...

Hey Hassan,

Chance: I feel you man sometimes you got to stay up long hours to accomplish what you have to accomplish and you have my respect on that. I hopr you have a good week end sorry I have have not dropped in sooner but man I guest post at another blog. And fireworks have been sparking hardcore with other commenters over 150 comments the intellectual debates are very intense and I have had post at go over 365 comments. Try to answer commenters when the essays is one that draws strong opinions is very demanding but I enjoy it though. I will be looking forward to your future post Hassan you have a nice weekend.

By Chance

princessdominique said...

Isn't it kind of amazing how a lack of sleep can stir the creativity. I write my best chapters that way.