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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I must have one...

June 2007, Apple iPhone

And now, back to your life.


aquababie said...

this is my next post! i must have this phone!!!!!

Brotha Buck said...

I saw the announcement, I must have one, too!

Brotha Buck said...

The thing is, though. I'm fairly careless with my phone, leave it laying around and so what, it's cheap. My iPod, I keep on lockdown. So, if I had an expensive phone, I'd probably never hear it ring 'cause it'd be put away so no one would steal it. On second thought.

NegroPino™ said...

GOt $500.....???????

It would def be easier than carrying an IPOD, a phone, laptop and camera around. Now i jsut gotta get $500 what service offers that though

deepnthought said...

I want the phone

LUVIN ME said...

I want that phone too!

The Brown Blogger said...

I saw it first!!!

No Cobbs!

Anonymous said...


1.Tactile keyboards are hell to use.
2. The supposed operating system does not work well on cell phones
3. fragile, fragile, fragile,
4. We use a CDMA (internet related) and ithe phone only has the other system which is used everywhere else but in North America.

The Stiltwalker said...

yea get one so I can play with it.

Believer said...

Apple iPhone: Coolest Features, Biggest Obstacles
Thu Jan 11, 2007

At $599 for the 8GB phone.

She Her Me said...

Oh my goodness! I know, right? I've been looking forward to this phone for about 6 months now--and June is almost upon us!!
I'm such a gadget junkie, and this phone is almost orgasmic.