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Monday, March 12, 2007

How Hassan Got To Houston

That's right, I live here.

Lock, stock and all smoking barrels.

So how in the blue hell did I end up here? I knew something was wrong when I clocked a fever over 100 last Monday during the physical for the new job. Everything else was off too. I had what I thought was just a chest cold until that point. Although I had difficulty breathing and felt a little woozy, I never would have thought at all the climate change from Chicago to Atlanta to Houston would do me in.

It did.

So I sat there, my new coordinator pouting at the fact that I couldn't get on the road until I got clearance from a doctor, and me pouting, now knowing that within all of this movement, the packing and travelling, the flying and the wearing of the clothes (or lack thereof) damn near killed me. Funny, as a diabetic I have enhanced knowledge of some sorts of sick. This episode went right over my head. I mean, I didn't feel like I had pneumonia but I knew something was wrong.

I'm too good to wash out of the program, and the health thing was a setback only in the area of finance. I had planned on buying some new Apple branded products in the next month and without a salary, that's impossible to do. I was told to go home and recoup, to get well, bring a doctor's note and then I can have my assignment of alone. Once I healed up, I could run all over this country like a chicken with his head cut off. I agreed, then I reneged.

I have no home to go to.

I had made for damn sure that when I got back to Chicago that I would not plant roots. I broke so-called friendships and blew up bridges in an effort to not be home in that place. All I wanted when I returned back in October was to make Chicago temporary sanctuary until I got my shoulder fixed. I got medicated, rehabbed and took a small, non-impact position back in cubicle hell to keep the drinks coming. I did that, made a come-up on this new independent contractor assignment, threw away more stuff with plans on living out of bags full of portable hard drives and memory cards. I pulled the plug on being anywhere in Chicago, and for a moment in time Monday afternoon, I had to think about where I needed to go to lay my head.

Some of you may have a friend in Jesus, I have a friend in Houston.

I didn't even know if the company would pay my way here but they did, and I'm here now getting plenty of rest, breaking fevers and looking to getting back on the road. Thing is, I never expected to be here beyond a visit or eight. I never expected to like this place as far as living is concerned. I never expected to be kissed by the sun like this...

I like this place, and I can get used to being here if need be. That depends on my friend. I still have the hunger and the urge to set up shop in Atlanta, and at this point I'm sticking to my original plan. I'm just glad that I had Houston to come to. I'll get to the ATL, I might just need a moving truck when I make those plans to get there. As for the now, I'm better, most of the congestion is gone from my lungs and I actually had enough energy this weekend to go see 300. Even though I have a friend here, that friend has a life and other commitments, so a lot of stuff done so far in Houston has been done dolo. Alone. It's cool though. I need to explore things for myself anyway.


Anonymous said...

I lived in HTOWN For 6 months...Many people love it...and the music scene down there is spectacular and often slept on for ATL's bullshit snap music...but anyway be safe

Tasha said...

Wow, your life does take some interesting turns. Get well, be safe, and be blessed.

Anonymous said...

We never know where you're going to turn up. As long as you keep turning it up it's okay with me! Take care of yourself.

deepnthought said...

cool cool cool.

T. S. Snowden said...

it's nice to have friends--glad the illness is ebbing.

aquababie said...

glad to have you in the south :) good luck in houston.

Anonymous said...

It is always fun exploring a new place.

TrinaBeingTrina said...

I wish I had a friend in Houston. I might not wanna leave either.

Make sure you take care of youself.

Luke Cage said...

Your story resembles a similar one in the way that I ended up in Virginia. That worked out great for me in the end. Best of luck in all of your future endeavors wherever your travels may take you my brotha. Glad to hear you are on the mends too...

Aly Cat 121 said...

it's always nice to have friends.

Anonymous said...

WOW....Houston Texas! I visited this summer for my oldest sister's graduation and it was so hot I wrote an essay about the trip and the heat for one of my writing classes and earned an A+. I'm glad you have a friend and Texas and everything is working out for you.