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—Miguel de Unamuno


Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's All On You

I'm not going to delve into that situation. So many have eloquently given opinion and I refuse to touch it. Let's not beat a dead horse. Let it do what it do.

But you didn't think I wasn't going to chastise your ass.

Yeah, you.

Not you baby, I know we're here *points*, they know who they are.

900 billion dollars a year and you haven't realized our power? All the complaining about what other folks say and you haven't divested your own dollar from the bullshit collectives that support and promote that lifestyle, culture and language, which means you cannot complain.

It's bigger than Hip Hop.

Don't blame this on Hip Hop culture because Moms Mabley, Redd Foxx and Pigmeat Markham was doing it way before Snoop didn't love them hos. We had a place for it back in the day because I'm old enough to remember which makes me responsible for the current climate because folks my age have children that it influences which means if I'm talking about you it starts in your home.

We cannot police society as a whole but you can explain the difference between entertainment and reality. Folks are going to say and do what they want but understand that there is a difference between rap artists and radio talk show hosts. If you want the new Three 6 Mafia joint you can choose to buy it. If they don't sell enough copies, them or any artist for that matter will get dropped. See, support comes from the masses. If you speak on public airwaves then you have a responsibility to be as fair and impartial as you can because the public and other interests pay the host to speak and when one goes off on a tangent, he or she can and will be corrected.

It is what you tolerate and are not teaching your children. Forget the fact that the track is hot for one moment and think of the influence some cats have over your kids.


If you don't think that way about your own children, then why would you support someone that insults your intelligence and calls you a nigger or bitch while taking your money at the same time? And why would you let your kids think that was cool or respectful?

See, it all starts with you. You have that power. If you don't like how it's going down then let em know.

Keep your money in your pocket. And educate your children accordingly. Time to kick it old school cause this new stuff ain't working. Until you have control of your wallet or pocketbook and until your children have knowledge of self understand that you are not in control of anything, which means that folks can and will say or do anything...


And when things like what happens happen and it keeps on happening, what does that make you?


aquababie said...

i love this! we have to get them where it counts....the wallet. even though folk don't believe it, we are powerful economically. we just spread the wealth we do have all over the place, never investing in ourselves. this is what me and my boyfriend were discussing just last night.

maybe this is the wake-up we need. but how long do you think the lesson will actually stick?

Bballmom said...

What's done is done. I think, though, we may have gained more by keeping him on air and continuing the dialog.
I think "others" need to understand the history behind why being called nappy headed hurts and why there is a big difference bewteen him and the rappers. Neither is right, but you can't compare it.

But, the biggest issue is, he called these young women this and they weren't guest on his show, they were not interactive with him in any way. For these women, the attack came out of the blue.
That's the worst part about all of this for me.

The Brown Blogger said...

@ Aquababie- I hope that this has sticking power because we keep ignoring our own. Ouw own actions seem to be status quo and I have never and cannot accept this.

@ Bballmom - I too believe that what's done is exactly that and I refuse to beat that dead horse. The fact that not just him but his producers for about 20 minutes disrepected these women unprovoked. I care not if this has been done before. Clarence Paige a few years back jokingly made this man take a pledge no to disrespect black atheletes and he still does. Racism is alive and well in America and sometimes we bring thins on ourselves.

Aly Cat 121 said...

sh*t if black folks didn't got to work for just ONE day, that sh*t that would go down. So I could imagine that sh*t that would happen if black folks stopped spending money at Walmart, Target, etc. . . ."the revolution will not be televised" *chuckle to self*

TrinaBeingTrina said...

You are so right.

Bananas said...

Well, let me say this about that.

I'm on the other side of the fence, and you know Dawg, I'm ready to deal with what might come.

First, you are so dead on. Money speaks louder than anyfuckingthing! It can elect Presidents (even when they aren't really elected), create and end wars, make an otherwise honest man a criminal, save lives, and yes, change the social tide.

I personally am not a big fan of "Gangsta Rap". That's probably obvious. And, of course many in the African-American Community have expressed agreement with my position, and yet it exists. Why? Because folks buy it. They buy it by the truckloads and ya know what, I ain't made at the Rappers. We have built our society on capitalism and them Cats is getting' paid. How can I be mad at that?

Gangsta Rap is not illegal and they have the right to cash in any way they can. I may not like the music, but I have and will fight for their right to create and make money on anything that we the people say isn't illegal, or collectively have decided is morally bankrupt. As you mentioned however, if folks stop buying it, it will go away.

Which brings me to the "Nappy" remark.

He had to go. He wasn't just being disrespectful, he was just plain stupid. The networks that employed him had to cut him loose. Rule number one of broadcasting, never alienate the audience. Those remarks, (which I heard life by the way), pissed me off and I'm a White Guy.

No - you don't get to hang around, no - you don't get to apologize so you can do it again, and no - you can't laugh it off.

But what everyone must understand is, deep down inside the networks didn't can the guy because he insulted a fine group of athletes and an entire racial group. Nope, as you said their decision was purely on economics. Cut the losses while you can and save the ship.

They didn't do it because it was the right thing to do. After all, not one of those networks, none at all that I know of by the way, have an African-American at the helm.

Naw, this wasn't about race, it was about cash.

Sorry for blogging on your blog Hassan, but you know how it is.

Gallis said...

I believe it was John H. Johnson who said that the dollar is the greatest civil rights bill.