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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Getback Letter To Hassan...

Dear Hassan,

You are a fool ass, double fucked, bitch-assed new fool if you think I play the background to anyone, especially you. It is me you call when you need some dirt done, it was just in this blogging instance that I got some shine doing what I do and you didn't like it cause' you weren't in control. I don't appreciate being thrown under the bus cause you wanna live your shit like smooth jazz. Life like a Boney James record is some boring shit, let's put a little Primo up in there with a touch of Old Dirt Dog.

Shame on a nuh that try to run game on a nuh... I'll fuck your ass up!

It's me that comes thru and regulates shit when you can't say no. Its my stanking ass that rides out and indicates when shit is all fucked up and you know what you lil' sensitive ass fuck? I'll do that now:

You know you don't want that corporate gig.
Your ass needs to be in the rig, cruising the highways and shit being your own boss. Your paranoid ass just jumped at this shit because it's taking a while for your physical to go thru. So what fucker, you failed the first one and need to do a re-take. Wait a minute, feel these excersizes I got for that chunky ass of yours and get back on the truck. You's a dumb ass if you go back in there and ride that desk for less money. Fuck that contract shit, lets ride the interstate homey!

You hate Houston.
This city just ain't treating you right, now is it? Hell fucking naw! If it wasn't for the 3 friggin people you know your ass would have been in Atlanta last year. I understand that you came here to make things right and get well, but it's time to hit the bricks and leave grill-city for that 4 bedroom, 2 and a half bath joint in ColliPark for $141k. You from the streets kid! You need some big city loving. Get that ass back to a spot where shit is poppin' off and you can rock the mic on the regular. Remember your book, spoken word and music? Remember DJ MorninMan and WareWolf? That neegra live in Spaghetti Junction, how in the fuck are you going to record from her wardie? Think, my nukah. Think.

You belong on the fucking road, dude.
Four figures a week? No rent? Banking that shit for at least a year? Africa? Weekend travel dates? A 100% VA home loan for the 2008 with all that loot saved up? Freedom of being your own boss? My nukah, this shit is as no brain as it can get up in here. Get that ass back on the truck, save for the Motherland and your new home and visit who you need to visit with loot to spare. banking $3k a month or more is the shit in my book.

See, I'm supposed to be aggressive. I'm supposed to be the voice of reason, ready to bitch slap your crank ass when you ain't making sense. Right now, that ass is wrong. How you gon' ban my ass when I speak for you and your best interests? You's a bitch, that's why. You acting like you have no spine. Mark my words, that ass is going to be miserable a month from now. Drudging thru Houston going to work for a bunch of fuckers that ain't paying you your worth, and we needs some shit! I know there are folks that want you here and I know that you owe people big time for looking out but there is a compromise. Giving up your dreams for a desk, limited web access and a phone is the biggest bitch move you can make.

And I'm going to stop that ass. Even if I have to take your blog.

I got this shit you weak minded ass bastid. Get that ass back in the the deep recesses and let me drive before you fuck things up fo sho. The take over continues, bitches!

Konichiwa with your bitch ass,


T. S. Snowden said...

I have a few questions for H or F or both--

1. I thought the corporate thing was temporary anyway?
2. why would you have to give up your dream?
3. Why wouldnt you just get some bucks together, get your health in check and then get on with driving?
4. Why must people have that little word verification thing on their comments thing? Those mess me up everytime..hahaha
These are just questions and I am probably just missing something but this seems a little severe and HATE is a very strong word...

Here's to doing what you have to in order to do what you want to in the long run....I really thought corporate whoring was temporary, my shitty gigs are certainly temporary for me---

Bananas said...

Hell Yeah!

How 'bout cha East Bound!

But listen up Dawg. Styles, "the road" is a great place to be. Until that motha fucker runs out. Know what I'm sayin'?

NegroPino™ said...

HEy Hassan...have nt been here in a while and didnt notice the new digging it....u should do what makes u happy. If buying a mini mansion in ATLanta will make u happy, im all for it....just let me know when u want me to visit.

Beana said...

well see this dude right here might be abrasive but there may be some truth in dem words....HMMMMM

Little Brown Girl said...

DAYUM YO! Its been a really long time since i stopped through here but I gotta admit that grimmy azz conscious of your's seems to be pretty dayum smart. LOL!!! HE-LAR-REE-US!!! Good luck with whatever you decide Chief!