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—Miguel de Unamuno


Monday, July 09, 2007

Back In Effect

Yeah, so I went to Chicago for a week.

It was okay.

I mean, I made it safely there and back and I saw most of the people I wanted to sit and break bread or exchange words over a cup of java, but there are glaring non-connections that I wish happened. I also got a chance to get to a ball game, a few festivals and romp around a few places I used to haunt back in the day. I am sorry that I didn't get a chance to see a few folks...

I didn't get a chance to hook up with my home girl from BigPoshSpoiledTrustFundBaby University. We spoke and exchanged pleasantries over the phone during the week, and I had a book I picked up for her to read that I was to deliver but... Timing was off and we just didn't get that chance to connect.

I didn't see or speak to my older brother. It was funny because no one has his phone numbers (he keeps changing them) but his kids can get picked up by various family members so they could to go to their cousin's birthday party. I guess he didn't want to be bothered because although there was effort on my behalf and he knew I was in town, no effort was made from his direction...

My main man Mike. What happened dude? Your number changes or goes out of service the day I get there when we spoke the day before? No email or texts? Smoke signals or carrier pigeons? Wow.

Me and DJ Mornin Man had schedule conflicts, and the event planned on Monday night got shut down due to cats fighting. We didn't get a chance to get together.

Other than that, I had a somewhat pleasant time. I do have words for the family member that totally shut down the remainder of my week:

I know you read my blog. I love you and wish you well because I try not to hold grudges, but you were bogus for doing what you did and are currently doing and you know what you do. If it weren't for blood ties and the fate of certain other family members intertwined happiness with you I would whoop that ass within an inch of your life and wouldn't care if you lived or died from your injuries. You messed up a lot of things including my visit. You disrespected the elders and have the mitigated gall to gallivant around like your shit don't stink after causing a big one during the week. I hope you get it together and know that what you have is a blessing and not something owed to you because of who you think you are. The streets are watching and I'm waiting for the opportunity to rectify a few things if that needs to happen. Pray that it never comes to that.

So I'm back in Houston and I'm actually at my desk at work straight from the airport. My flight got re-routed due to weather concerns, but I made it back. There is a weird feeling I have in returning though. I can't call it but I think I know what it is. More on that later, I got blogs to read and stuff to catch up on.

Be easy, y'all.


aquababie said...

minus the family drama, i'm glad you enjoyed your visit.

Miz JJ said...

I am so glad I do not have a large family. It seems good for the most part, but I like that we are a small tightly knit force.

Glad you had a good trip minus the drama from one family member. Why are some people so oblivious to how their actions affect others?

DivineLavender said...

Love the Shell sign...I don't miss paying with my limbs for fuel.

Response to RED text: Inch of Life? Whoa!

*Note to self, stay on good side*

Glad you enjoyed the city while you were here. You missed seeing my nephews! Dang IT!

Paula D. said...

Daaaaaaaaaaaaayum somebody pissed you off!

I am laughing about the changing phone numbers & the smoke signals/carrier pigeons comment.

Well, glad you are back safe & sound :-)

Luke Cage said...

All that matters my friend is that you are back in effect! Welcome home brah, welcome home.

Gallis said...

You can't go home again, and sometimes it's probably just as well.

The Brown Blogger said...

We know your IP address... you've done this twice today from the same location (silly, you're supposed to use dynamic IP addresses when spamming someone's blog/website).

You came thru Negrophile twice.

I have reported you to HPD's Digital Forensics Unit.

I no longer have to ask you to stay off of my blog due to your digital signature and trail left.

Rose said...

What a message to someone something else brother but at least you get things off your chest!