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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hassan Around Chicago (sort of)

Welcome back Mr Ntimbanjayo... That'll be 4 bux
Nothing quite like seeing the Sox
2007 Taste Of Chicago... Too many people in that heat
2007 African Caribbean Festival Of Life... Had to get my black soap

And Roscoe's still ain't open... Damn!


Gallis said...

Nice pics!

So...Wise...Sista said...

Chi is like my fav city that i rarely visit!

Bananas said...

Ya know, love the City, Love the new Ball Park - Sox however, are a problem for me. You see, I'm a Tribe fan (don't ask).

Glad you got home.

princessdominique said...

Love it. It's like having eyes on the streets of Chicago without actually being there. You photographed all of the things I'd probably look at.

aquababie said...

wow@ that gas! i love the pics. i've been to the taste only once.

Little Brown Girl said...

Home is where the heart is (despite gas prices)...great pics!

deepnthought said...


Luke Cage said...

Nicely done my brother.. and I thought that those gas prices were some doctored up image.. yo man. That's not "really" the price for gas is it?

Beautiful shot of whatever the name of the stadium the ChiSox play in now. Great job!

nikki said...

DAMN. gas is EXPENSIVE up there.

love the pics though.

Angie said...

I will no longer complain about gas prices in DFW. $3.83? Dang.:(

Anonymous said...

I luv the way u posted the back of my afro and my
Look at lil Kae!

brran1 said...

I used to live in Lake County (IL) a few years back so I'm familiar with alot of the pics that you took. I'm definitely gonna have to come back to Chicago and visit cuz theres nothing like The and all those people in the heat of July. But just one question tho...What happened to Commiskey Park?