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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Scared Negro Will Get You Killed

So let me catch up...

Now you have to choose.

Straight from the pages of the Willie Lynch handbook, you let someone else dictate to you who is valid and who isn't via sound clips and because we have a solid history of explaining our suffrage to master one of the choices has to explain himself?


Wait... both choices had to explain themselves...

Wait, only one of em' is running.

The black candidate had to explain himself AND throw the distraction under the proverbial bus because none of "them" liked the preacher's expressions because it was scary talk.

Problem is, as the preacher talked everyone had something negative to say about the candidate, but


Normally, when a person is "talking out the side of his neck", the powers that be challenges that person's crazy talk and charges them as a liar because we all know that crazy talk is nothing but lies, but...

I guess Jeremiah Wright was spewing truths from the pulpit last weekend like a crazy man... And John Hagee never said anything that holds John McCain liable or nothing that Bill Clinton did or said means nothing to Hillary's candidacy.

Interesting on how certain folks never have to explain.

What this boils down to is the majority doesn't like the minority bringing up its past because the truth indeed hurts and the minority candidate has to distance himself from all things minority in order for the majority to feel comfortable enough until he or she is fully committed to living in the most extreme house niddardly ways, actions and attitude.

And I'm supposed to sing "God Bless AMerikkka?"

If you let yet another distraction from Fox, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and other corporate owned media outlets and TV soothsayers like O'Reily, Limbaugh, Beck, Cooper, Dobbs and the rest of em' sway you from the issues and Carl Rove your ass into scary politics mode then you are a scared negro regardless what ethnic group you emanate from.

A scared negro will get you killed.

Fellow blog reader, you have the power of the entire universe in front of you at your fingertips in the internet. You feel scared? Okay, here's a little homework assignment from The Brown Blogger:

Prove Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright wrong.

Bring me enough evidence to totally prove him 100% wrong in his theory, truths and his account of history and I will join the scared negro bandwagon and salute the same flag I defended in wartime with no reservations.

I will also take everything my grandparents and parents taught me along with all that Rev Wright, Dr. Claud Anderson and Dr.John Henrik Clarke taught me as well as other scholars from the black, African and native communities and flush it away as utter bullshit.

Since today is liberation day, I challenge you to liberate yourself from the spin and either educate yourself or re-affirm yourself in your own truth in the least.

I also need you to ask yourself why my community has to remain divided over nonsense, why we must continue to explain ourselves to "working class, small-town Americans" and why everyone fears the day that a black man or a woman will hold power over the executive branch of this country.

I also challenge you to answer why black folks in 2008 think they have made it and choose not to fight.

From Sean Bell to the Jena 6, from Rodney King to the federal case exonerating James Earl Ray from the assassination of Dr. King and officially calling it a government conspiracy to commit murder, from Hurricane Katrina to Barack Obama being not black enough, too black, a Muslim, not experienced and now not electable based on what someone else is saying...

Damn near 500 years of being treated like a piece of crap in America from slavery to redlining, to lynchings to overt and institutionalized racism, from being given a God to serve and then having to explain liberation theology to the captors, from lack of credit financially and in the forming of American history to our current living conditions...

Most of y'all don't wanna fight because you'll lose your internet connection.

Or rims
or sub standard paying job
or position in church
or something or another that'll make you feel that you no longer have status or material things.

And to think that your parents uncles and aunts... Grandparents and their peers would take to the streets in order to get free just to get hosed, beaten and attacked by dogs.

And we collectively waste the opportunity and are still marginalized.

I guess I'm going to die soon because there are a lot of scared negroes regardless of their color or background. That saying is from back in the day and it still holds true:

A scared negro will get you killed.

I live amongst a bunch of scared punks that know not how to fight and that have accomplished nothing.

Happy May Day. Enjoy your fight.


Aly Cat 121 said...

Boyyyy, you tryna incite a riat up in heaya. *chuckle* . . . .uh-oh lemme go check my internet and erase the "cookies" from me coming to your page.

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - yea, you are trying to get something going on - but I LOVE that - a sacred negro! That's a good poem title.

Bananas said...

Okay, I got some explaining to do here.

First, Hassan, you and I well have to agree to disagree on some of this.

Rev. Wright did say some things that got under my skin. Not because he's a man of God, not because I think he was wrong, not because he is Black, but because a man who IS a United States Marine should be more careful with the words he chooses.

Oh I don't disagree with most of the things he said, but there's a difference between saying, "ya'll suck" and "fuck you!" When making a point there's time for flamboyance and there's a time to be careful. One of the great abilities of Dr. King was his ability to channel is words carefully. And yes I know, not everyone is Dr. King.

Bottom line. I'm just feeling like Rev. Jeremiah Wright was an opportunist and it backfired on him. But I have never met the man and I can't say what was really in his heart. But while the rest of America holds him to some bazaar standard mine is much different.

Say I'm over reacting or even melancholy and grasping at straws - but he is one of us. A United States Marine. He forever will be. And we take that shit seriously.

Our standards tend to be a little different, and some (not all) of the rhetoric he used doesn't set well with his brethren in the Corps. Oh, he has earned more right than probably all of his accusers to speak out - and I would fight with my last breath for his right to speak in such tones - but he has to understand that more (rightfully or wrongfully) is expected of him.

Now to the issue at hand.


The fucking sheep need to get their collective heads outta their ass an elect Barack Obama President before all us white people get everybody killed.

That's right my friend, it ain't just a scared negro that'll get you killed.

P.S. - Sorry for bloggin" on you blog My Brother but, you know how it is.

Keep on keepin' on.

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Oh hail naw! Not my internet connection! I better go to Dunham's and get my M4 now!

I will have to pass on the homework though. The fact that Rev. Wright is still having the light of the media shined on him is a testament to the large number of silly people in the news media.

I may be guilty of being less than attentive of this whole campaign madness since they said my vote would not count in the candidate selection process. But I fail to see how these two men are so intertwined that it is this big an issue.

I know many less than savory characters. Some are family. But none of them define who or what I am or what I can do.

I just hope this stupidity ends soon so that I can actually cast a vote that matters this year!

LadyLee said...

All I got to say, Hassan, is that this has been a long election year already. It seems like every journalist is sitting on the edge of his or her seat waiting for a candidate to say the wrong thing... almost like it's a game.

I feel like this: J. Wright is a pastor. A black pastor. One who has had to live through drinking at the colored water fountain amongst other things. He's gonna say what he's gonna say. Period. He's not scared of what white folk think of him.

I saw all of the Nat.ional Pr.ess Club talk, and I thought, when considering the whole subject of reconciliation as presented, he did a good job. But you can't tell from the chosen soundbites, can you? I think most people had problems with the way in which he said it. I actually thought he toned himself down a bit better than most black pastors. Well, southern black pastors. And sorry, man, I can't discount any of what he said. None of it.

But what does it really have to do with Obama's campaign. So, you telling me, if I go to church on Sunday, and strip at the club on Sunday night, my pastor gets indicted for that? Hmm.

You know what I see this as? We don't want this black man to be our president. I would feel better if they would stop all this other crap and JUST SAY THAT.

And another thing: Obama is going to have to basically suck it up and say what people want to hear. He's a frickin' politician, and that's what they do.

Afterall, that's what Hillary does.

humph. Great post.

Gallis said...

Bill Moyers says it much better than I ever could.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a day late, but hopefully I won't be a dollar short on this comment. I'm feeling you on this post. Negros are scared!

But why? We have been PUNKED! From day one. MLK stepped outside the box and fought, but what happened to him? Malcolm X tried to fight... and what happened to him? The Black Panthers tried to make a difference... what happened to them?

Negros don't want to be like King, X or start a revolutionary group like the Panthers because they don't want to END UP like them! The New World Order Mafia has a way of making an example out of it's victims, so the next ones know not to step out of line.

When our leaders and groups were murdered, whether than go back, regroup, re-strategize and come back... we laid down like the Lakers in game 7. So here we are! We have lost our hearts.

A lot of this is also due to the fluoridation of the water. Mel Gibson told the truth in the movie "Conspiracy Theory" but I guess the best way to hide something is to put it right in front of ones face.

We need to go back, figure out what went wrong (and right) and come back with some NEW tactics, because nobody (scared negros especially) is going to step out and repeat the same actions, or they may lose more than just their internet connection.