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Monday, April 28, 2008

Is It A Bird... Flying Over A Woman... With Big Breasteses???

It's been a minute, I know.

I've grown a year older (so some say) and I've just observed the harsh realities of living in America pass by with little to no resistance.

I'm not sad.

Not angry either.

I knew all the time that we were right where we are now because most of us need entertainment and distractions to keep us sane.


I'm enjoying life and doing pretty much what I want to do. It's hard to get back into some sort of blogging groove when stuff like this is happening. My wife and I spend a whole lot of time together and we've done the extreme/tv/naked couch thing just as much as we've crossed into five states so far in the big rig. She tries to hang in there as my co-pilot but her seat in the truck isn't an air ride seat like mine.

Although I like to watch her breasteses bounce all over the interstate as I navigate Big Baby II (what I call the rig) I gotta get the cargo there safely so my eyes go back to the road. I still peek though. Those are my tits anyway, right? Better than some stranger titties. Stranger titties can't cook or want to soak in the jacuzzi with my smelly, fresh off-the-road ass or likes going out for stir fry. Plus, I know the noise from the truck, my loud-ass old school hip hop and the constant bumps of the road has to be the most uncomfortable thing for my wife ever, so I appreciate her weekly ride outs in the truck with me.

I like the road...

I can't believe that I'm giving that all up to work from home. Haven't set up the office yet, but...

I don't like the reality of working from home. A little too confining for me but I gotta do for my family. And I secretly want her to go back to work and let me take maternity leave when the baby comes. That'll make working from home cool.

Until I get drowend out by a screaming child with a client on the phone...

Did I just blog about my wife's breasts?

And a baby?

Okay, I'm out.

Here's a promise: I'll blog EVERYDAY IN THE MONTH OF MAY
Well, that's the plan. But it's April right now, so....

I gotta go.


Bananas said... DID mention your Wife's breasts in a blog.

Man, you really are a proud, blissfully happy Dude.

Sho you right!

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Not only did you blog about the breasts, you made them sound really, really nice.

And not only about a baby but about maternity leave, for you.

The Matrix has you. And in happy land!

Aly Cat 121 said...

Ummm yes and and yes. And cut that sh*t out. *lookin into camera* (except for the baby part)

Anonymous said...

Yep...yep you sure did.Not mad at cha though. I can think of much worse things to blog about than your wife('s breasts) and child...

Anonymous said...

At least you are blogging about your wife's breast and not someone else's.

Anonymous said...

You mean to tell me that while I'm sitting in that chair....wide awake cause my head is bouncing off the back of the seat, trying to convince myself that I DON'T have to use the restroom, and trying to stretch my legs around the're watching my upper regions bounce around????

Good thing I love being with you.

Anonymous said...

OH....and you want to stay home with the baby while I go back to work???? You show me your breast feeding skills and I'll think about it.