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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Views From The Cheap Seats... And A Message

In response to my most recent post/rant, Terry wrote:

Strange you should bring this up.

My Son is a product of his environment. The only child of a White Father and African-American Mother. As I have said before, literally the ancestry of the Slave and the Slave Owner.

His world was never clouded. He knew the evil that one half of his family inflicted on the other. He knows that not every man has always been pure at heart.

I was proud this year that he decided to attend Morehouse College. However, he has informed me that during the semester he has not always been happy.

Apparently he has experienced a culture gap. When asked the question, "What's up my nigga?" He replied. "Who the hell you talking to? No one in my family has been a nigga in 30 years."

He told me that although Morehouse was a fine institution and he was "getting along", he felt that many had the "BBB's" (busy being black). He was depressed that so many complained, but did little to change the circumstances of the day. That he had never seen his race be so full of excuses and doubt for who, and what, they are.

"I only see a false sense of pride here Dad", he said. "We are only a short distance from where one of our greatest Alumni is buried and no one understands what REALLY happened during his life. I mean, we call each other nigga's Dad. I might have expected that back in the streets at home, but not here. Never here."

It appears my young Son has learned far more than I paid for.

Perhaps the old men are getting younger. We can always pray such is true.

And 5 days ago he shot me this:

Well, you know me...I mean you know I had something to say about it.

I consider myself a very lucky man. Unlike most white folks, I've seen the African-American community up close and personal. It kinda goes with the territory when you're married to a Black Woman for 22 years.

There is no doubt in my mind that a double standard exists in EVERY aspect of our society. And that double standard has almost systematically bread the African-American community of today.

It is a vicious circle that seems to be hard to break. I see it in my own Son who is only half black, but that half often puts him in a category that he would admittedly not like to be in.

Despite mine and his Mother's efforts to show him a different way to think, I see in him the moronic ideals our predominately white society places in front of him. Often, I feel like I'm pushing a rock up hill with him, and the hill just keeps getting higher.

Here's the sad truth however. I actually have an easier time with him than a Father would if he were Black. My skin opens doors that might not ordinarily be opened for him. But often, even that is not enough.

I am not now nor have I ever been a fan of any organized religion. I find that religion is the great evil in the world. That's right, I said it. More wars and people have died in the name of religion than ANY self imposed act in the history of our planet.

But I will say that most of White America has a very elitist attitude when it comes to God. Their white skinned, blonde haired Jesus is a little bit better than the dark skinned, Aramaic man Jesus really was.

After all, man was created in God's image. That would have had to be a White man right? - Yeah right. ( he said with a sarcastic sneer)

The double standard and the hidden message that a Black Man will never be good enough will continue. And it will not end when African-Americans begin to feel better about them selves. It will only end when that happens, AND White America begins to understand that they do not have a leg up on people of color. The sense of superiority, (and that's what it is, make no mistake about it), will have to stop!

No President can change that.

A very crisp and great view from The Cheap Seats... (I wonder if he's open?)

And then yesterday Alyson said to me:

"The greatest tool of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed." - Stephen Biko.

Those who try to "free" others end up disappearing in the night or die of "accidental" deaths.

Maybe my views are valid but pot stirring...
Maybe I should just stand down.

You read my blog. You may not agree with me. What do you think?


The Second Sixty-Eight said...

I think that you should make sure your alarm is armed at night. Can't have you disappearing mysteriously...

And maybe we can persuade Terry to uncancel his season tickets.

"Maybe my views are valid but pot stirring...
Maybe I should just stand down."

They are and you shouldn't. Just because things get uncomfortable doesn't make them unneeded. You keep being "Dap" and we will keep trying to wake up!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I told you about it or not, but I read an article in a magazine a few months ago and the author was talking about hanging up her "marching shoes" because protest was pointless these days. Her disgust was that our methods of protest were no longer relevant with the current times.

I am noticing more and more people questioning "the movement", the methods, and each other and dedication to improving ourselves and our communities.

So you're not alone in your thinking.....I just haven't figured out where the disconnect is between knowing and changing.

Bananas said...

This is more of a personal note than anything.

Hassan you and I have never met. But there has been no doubt in my mind, that over the last year or so, we are kindred spirits of sort. Both coming from very different worlds and seeing things in a very different light. But both traveling the same path.

We share many of the same concerns and many of the same hopes for a better day. Not always, but enough for me to see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

To me, besides love, the greatest gift anyone can give another person, is a mirror to see their own soul. You provide that with intelligence and thought. You make us wonder who we are and what is it that we really believe. Especially when the lights are off and we are alone with ourselves.

Helping someone understand themselves is a priceless gift.

As selfish as it may sound, I for one would never like to see your thoughts and opinions fade. Mostly because the value added to my own experience would dimension greatly. I would not be happy about giving that up. You inspire hope, you reflect our ills, and you give us the idea for something more. Clich├ęs? Maybe - but fact none the less.

As you know, I have created much sin in my life. Horrible sin. But despite those sins, I still believe that the greatest sin is to not give of yourself, when you have something to offer.

Not trying to make you feel quilt my Friend, but you have created for yourself a responsibility. One that says that you will not lead with just action, but you will indeed lead through your words.

It's a shitty deal I know…but we all have our crosses we must bare.

Sorry my Brother, but this blog is one of yours. So - you best get to typing.

aquababie said...

stand down...i don't think so. we still need a few folk to kick us in the butt...and i'm included.