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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Somebody Is Effing Up

I thought after the fiasco of a time I had with the Obama campaign would discourage me further when thinking about grass root politricks and the money involved, but after having the past few days to think about things I know that there will always be ulterior motives with most folk when it comes to money.

Story of my life.

I didn't want to articulate to y'all how a bunch of young, misguided folks with the power to hire and fire folks in the campaign just took over and put a bunch of friends, sorors and frat on just to position themselves for possible permanent roles in an Obama administration. I never though that it was a real serious thing at first until I realized why after all of the training my wife and I had and with thing like voter registration looming in so many states that being a campaign worker is no joke.

Especially in this election.

There is a cadre of personnel participating in this election cycle that just aren't taking this time and our status in the world (and at home personally and financially) seriously because one can get a gas card, a monthly stipend and health benefits from knocking on doors.

For people that look like me, this is a serious and historical time. My livelihood and freedom depends on what will happen in the next couple of weeks.

I wish you could see what I do right now.

Somebody is really fucking up.


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Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm. Not everyone in a campaign has the same vision and mission as the candidate. Its sad. It really is.

Bananas said...

You said it yesterday, put the other shit on the back burner and lets get the man elected. Because if we don't...we're really, really fucked.

Not so Anonymous said...

I agree with terry, unfortunately we have to focus on what we can do individually and wait to fix the other sad.