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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Who's That Knocking At My Window?

I thought because I am on the campaign trail I was off the hook with blogging for amy type of substance, but I guess not.

Terry got me.

I will do my due dilligance tomorrow and do what I was instructed to do, but first:

I am a campaign staffer for the Obama campaign. I have been dealing and working with Ohio Vote Corps, which recruited college students before coming to what I like to call the real world.

I wasn't going to touch this, but I listen to the Al Sharpton Show and he and Joe Madison covered this before I ever thought to touch this on my blog. I think it's important to cover, even though I am a paid staffer for Barack Obama.

Look carefully.

Look again.

Back in the day, the Urban League, Rainbow/Push And the NAACP would get private funds, donated money and cash infusions from the respected campaigns so they could get out the vote via early registration and would use the money to pay staffers (like myself) to get early balloting/provisional votes and like in Ohio registration - voting on the rolls.

My wife and I attended Camp Obama and got trained in the subtle nuances of the Barack train. We were fired up and ready to go. I took leave of absence from my job from October 1 to November 5th. I was committed for five weeks to get folks registered, get out the vote and get the right info out to folks that work all damn day and don't get a chance to watch TV.

The Obama campaign does not like certain black people.

I'll explain.



Bananas said...

Well, setting aside the meat and 'taters of your post, ya'll need to get to work! I mean really get to work. If we don't get Obama in teh White House...we are SO FUCKED!

Keep pressing Dawg and get out that vote!

aquababie said...

i'm proud of you brother! keep us informed

Machete X. said...

Yeah I wanna hear about this cuz I got Barack's back but I ain't sure he's for the young brothas like me trying to stay out of trouble off the hard shyt or get job training.


Hey there!

Which black people do the white folks in the Obama campaign NOT like??

I am all ears...

{raised brows}


Deb Sistrunk Nelson said...

Inquiring minds want to know.