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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Critical Mass

It wasn't hard to wait.
It wasn't difficult to just observe from a distance.

Back in October, I had my issues with folks on the lower level of the Obama campaign. As I didn't want to deal with that mess, I walked away. Politics inside of politics I expected, I just thought that maybe I could cut thru the weeds and contribute in some way, shape, form or fashion. After going what I went thru, I couldn't do what I wanted to do but let me say this... After both my wife and myself going thru, completing and 'graduating' from Camp Obama as well as networking and putting in some work shortly after the campaign training I knew that our current president would indeed beat Senator McCain. The grass roots grew entirely too deep and I realized how many people from many backgrounds really waned change.

After a twenty two year old sister spoke to us on the last day of training expressing to us how she basically lived out of her suitcase and assisted then Senator Obama with just about everything one could logistically provide and receiving a key administrative position should the senator win the November election, I actually heard the brains of certain folks working in attempts to secure future employment with the administration, and that's when nepotism, favoritism, frat and soror ties and just plain old self whoring began to taint my participation process. Certain folks straight up held volunteers at bay and gave friends and family the paying and reciprocal positions in the campaign, fronting on hard working folk like myself that took time out of their family and work schedules to help the then candidate win.

So I took two steps back and waited. And watched. And continued to work my Camp Obama network to actually see who wold make the cut and move to DC or move into the strategic positions throughout the nation that David Plouffe and others designed for a deeper network when it came to getting policy onto the streets, internet and on TV and talk radio. I asses that about 35% of those willing to sell their momma out ended up with jobs, political stroke and other positions with churches, non profit organizations and community based groups looking to strike gold to receive federal funding, get grants and business loans and (low on certain totem poles) actually help now President Obama get his brand of policy out and affect public opinion which should affect all levels of Congress regardless of which house or political party and get items passed and made law, thus making real change.

Folks got jobs. Others got positions. Others padded their resume. Some even got elected to posts regardless of level (municipal, county, state or fed) and others have great stories to tell at barber and beauty shops all over this great land. But there underlies the problem:

After damn near seven months of seeing a new regime formulate and take control and after only four real months of an actual Obama Administration, there is a serious backlash and stinging criticism from those right of center politically, racists and some from the religious fundamentalist groups regarding the look, feel, color, citizenship, appointments and policy of our first African American president. And sine the year began, there have been calls to take action from these entities and in my own words, this shit is starting to get foul.

There have been cries for the failure of a presidential administration. There has been blame in certain folks from all political parties for the failure of the financial institutions and real estate market. There have been warnings that certain folk in Washington since January 20 are plotting for the destruction of the 'American Way'. Worst of all, there have been acts of domestic terrorism from folks claiming to be from the religious right, forewarned from the Department of Homeland Security that our newest and current Secretary of that branch had to apologize about to Republicans on the Hill because some felt that the warnings insulted a certain branch or hard working Americans.

Since January 20, two major acts of domestic terrorism have occurred, both by American citizens, both in the name of God and in ethnic purity and in the spirit of Nationalism. The latter happening less than one mile from the White House.

You already know what happened, no need to re-hash it.

My question is: Where is our critical mass?

You know, the groundswell of support, outrage, protest and agreement or disagreement with acts and events that will obviously affect our immediate future?

Even I jumped on the election bandwagon, championing candidate Obama and even supporting measures from candidate McCain, before I got on my soapbox last year I weighed heavily the rhetoric and fact from both major candidates and even held the flame for certain ones beaten in the primaries. I was active, supportive and hit the streets talking to folks about what they wanted in a new administration in Washington. We had a little more money and my 401k was still existent, but everyone kind of sort of knew that there would be an economic downturn, so we were doing things about it. The election played big with so many. Now, there is absolutely no grass root opinion or action coming from anywhere.

Even I warned folk on this very blog that someone would take arms under the guise of supporting the second amendment and would probably do something stupid. I don't blame that on the right. I have friends and family that think and act according to a conservative brand of principles (Hey Jon!) and I have no beef with them or those that support lawmakers that pursue their agenda. I also have folks on the left that I don't have animosity against, and I also have no qualms with the liberal lawmakers. I do take exception with the bloggers, the radio hosts, the so-called TV journalists or personalities that push a bullshit agenda.

Those from the left are boring folks to sleep, ranting and raving about some economic utopia to come when there are fewer and fewer jobs, tighter credit and folks are losing their homes. The ones from the right criticize and predict gloom and doom with every democratic move from the legislative and executive branch. Others get on the very same internet and spew hate, gossip, rumor and innuendo.

Now we got folks peeking innuendo. And everybody has a bible and a gun. (Hey Mr. Brown!)

Maybe it's just the fact that the wife and I are living in Atlanta, the place where groundswell and critical mass were innovated thru the civil rights movement, I dunno. Maybe because the current Supreme Court nominee, the current Secretary of State and the current Republican Revolution in Congress will affect how folks see their civil rights beyond 2009. Maybe because everyone will either lose, have already lost or will lose their job will create a downturn in esteems and create a rise in nationalism reminiscent of decades past that our generations have only read about but never seen.

It is predicted that in the last days there will be rampant spread of simple disease that will have the power to kill. There will be financial ruin which leads to an internal meltdown of the most powerful nations. The acceptance of one world leader with enough charisma and trustworthiness to turn believers away from God. The elimination of the elimination of war, which means there is an ongoing fight with no real purpose (well, your cousin or nephew will be shipped off and will probably die in combat). That brother will kill brother because of famine. Politicians and leaders bankrupt of morals will lead us astray. If all of this seems to be a half-ass honest assessment, then why are you just sitting there doing nothing?

There should be some sort of critical mass. There isn't one. Who will protect us from the blowback of the most recent election and the administration built from it? Where are the people?

There should be a grass roots campaign to recruit folks to revolt from the current revolution, leading me to think that the term critical mass is more in line with its scientific definition.

What say you?


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Big Mark 243 said...

Interesting what Martha said ... that is between you and her, and I am going to not be nosey and follow the links.

The other day, I went on a mini vent about what I think is going on, but stopped because of the madness of the other day.

Too bad I can't sit with you over a coffee and listen to you talk. I think that there is an essence to hearing someone speak thoughtfully that you don't get when you read what they say.

A lot of what you said regarding the 'politics' of people positioning themselves all fall under the umbrella of human nature. Utopia, altruism, are concept to help steer us in the right direction, always just beyond our grasp.

Just as the depths of evil is always found a little lower than before.

Can't blame people who are playing the game for playing. That is where they see their happiness and it is their path. Me, I think I am going to step aside and watch. Not learn, just watch. The walk I am on doesn't require more of me, so the world gets none of it.

Enough civics. I hope you and the lady is doing fine. That made my heart skip, because I am sort of loopy in the love and romance deptmartment. Irony of things, is that I have yet to find a woman who feel 'lost in love' by her own nature. C'est la vie.

Be well, bro.

Rose said...

I'm listening, watching, and staying prayful....