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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Monday, June 15, 2009

A Good Monday Afternoon Update

Hey young world...

The weather in Atlanta has been the best by far. High 80s and low 90s since we got here, and I ain't complaining. Chicago's weather has sucked since we left, but it does seem that summer will finally set itself in the Midwest.

We had to make some changes to our plans since we embarked on our little journey. We haven't started the detox as of yet. No worries though, we're still working on the meat and potatoes of the original plan. Things aren't going as planned as far as our eating plan, but I am a little satisfied in how things are going so far.

It seems that we just couldn't get out of Atlanta without testing the job market. We have some good prospects down here and it might lead to us sticking around and actually becoming ATLiens, we'll just see about that. A close friend told us of her bouts with racism and marginalization as well as undervalue during her time at Spelman College and that has stuck with me as we search the real estate market and set up interviews here in the city. A small warning buzz keeps going off in my head and it was this sister's stories that keep setting them off.

That and the murder scene we had to drive thru last week on the way back from the drive-in.

I've visited this city many times before as a young man serving in the military during the late eighties and early nineties, I've traveled to Georgia during undergrad and have driven thru, interviewed for jobs and just plain vacationed as well as visited first cousins that I have on both sides of the family with no incident. Not just in Atlanta but in Macon, Augusta and Columbus. Most soldiers go thru basic combat training in Ft Jackson, SC and I only served in signal corps units during my stint in the Army, so Ft Gordon, GA was a given. Escape to Charlotte, Augusta and Atlanta was a must when you had a little leave piled up and every time I've traveled to these cities especially Atlanta, I always have good memories and remember getting treated with respect.

So why am I concerned with the police state that I feel folks are in down here?

You may have noticed that I'm talking bout' our trip over here and not the site we set up a few weeks ago. Well, I'm having server, sitebuilding and content issues that prevents me from doing much right now. I plan on spending the next few days addressing it and I also have to convince my other half to participate. She doesn't want to be videoed after initially agreeing and it seems funny that after giving me one new post to put on the site she hasn't even asked about the status or the fate of the site and hasn't even questioned why I haven't informed her on such when I am such a micro manager of everything else. Oh well. That doesn't mean that we aren't sticking to the plan, that just means that we're only partially recording it and it would definitely show as lazy or something if we didn't have site issues. But I believe I can fix that in due time.

I have been doing extensive research on partnering with fellow blogger Terry and bringing a radio show to the masses. More on that in the future.

I'm just in awe with the media on how certain folks are being held to different standards:

  • Did anyone list how much each individual Air Force One trip cost other presidents and the tax payers? Oh, especially that one (doing my best John McCain)... You know, the one that flew to Crawford, Texas damn near every weekend?

  • Did anyone else hear the 'knocked up' jokes about Bristol Palin from Bill Maher, Jay Leno and others? Where did statutory rape come into play? Letterman fired petitions. Really?

  • I believe public figures are fair game critically. But is anyone else outraged about the Ape/Michelle Obama/lineage comment?

  • I don't need to see the 'black of your ass' to lust after you. I also don't need to see all of your tetas minus the areola and nipple to feel your sex vibe. I also don't need to know what color your thong is, so stop pulling it up like that. A muffin top with a muffin gut? Please.

  • You know the World Cup is in South Africa next year, right?

  • If you know anything about predatory lending and the new 'sub prime' loans then you would know (or think) that civil rights groups like the NAACP are still relevant... Right?

  • You can't be serious complaining about someone else's presidential election being rigged. Sit down, eat your slice of pizza and be quiet.

Have a great afternoon/evening. More tomorrow, I guess.


LadyLee said...

You're in the SOUTH, bruh. Racism abounds! Your friend's stories don't suprise me.

And driving through that murder scene up on Moreland by Starlight. Saw that one on the news.

I think there have been 3 gang related murders one block from my house... and one over some stolen checks last year, right down the street. The ATL news pick it all up REAL quick down here for some reason. ugh.

Keep your head up! Work your plan!

Strategize and Optimize!

The Brown Blogger said...

Well thanks Oldgirl.

The murder scene didn't really frighten me, it was how it was handled that let me know that there is a healthy fear (supposed to be respect) for law enforcement down here. I'm not used to seeing everyone silent, not questioning things and in check.

We raise hell up in the Chi. And then unlike OJ, we try to find the real killers.

I'm liking that mantra!

If I yell it out, makes me feel better.

NeenaLove said...

i was on the hizandherz site... love the video's. especially the little pop-up... "it's gonna be a long summer"... LOL.

yall are so cute together. i look forward to reading more about the adventure, about the journey.


chele said...

Glad you two are doing well. Give your girl a hug from me and tell her to get her butt in front of that camera!

Big Mark 243 said...

Yes that was two reference's dropped on Rick the ruler!!

I decided to come back to check on some stuff you were talking about ... catch up to you on the most recent entry!