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—Miguel de Unamuno


Saturday, November 21, 2009


This is post # 592.

I had to think of something to post about with me participating in National Blog Posting Month.

Coming up with stuff to post about isn't hard, coming up with stuff to post about everydamnday is a whole other thing. There is always stuff going thru my mind, so I'll share my Saturday load. Onto the mindspill!

  • I'm bugging out on how we as a people are just so damn quiet about certain folk wanting to legislate us back into the 1950s, placing certain controls over our sister's reproductive rights. From what I've read and heard on the news/talk stuff that I listen to on the satellite radio thingee I overlisten to as I drive (Joe Madison, Randi Rhodes, Glenn Beck, Warren Ballentine, Al Sharpton, The 2 Live Stews, Stephanie Miller, Sean Hannity, Brian Higgins, Kodjoe Namdi, and the POTUS channel along with others), write ups, mark ups and proposed bills other than the new advice being given about pap smears, mamograms and such are being composed by a few old, white men. That aren't doctors. Or women. Imagine that?
  • I'm planning on getting back out to Southern California sooner than later. I need to spend more time in Long Beach with the fam and Terry and I have more drinking and toasting to do. 
  • The wife and I are currently watching CSPAN witnessing republican cats blather on about nothing in the budget committee meeting, participating in the discussion to further negotiate the healthcare bill. These cats have charts, graphs and factoids but are stammering along repetitively with non issues. Wow. And we're paying for this. I wana laugh, but it ain't funny because this is purposely being done to stall... Never mind.
  • My sister is in town with her family. I'm spending more time with my 2 nieces and nephew (as wel as spending time with my other nephews but they're ALWAYS here, my sister's children aren't). I'm also probably going to drown in the masses of over a million and a half people when we take em' to the Disney festival of lights thingee downtown... And we might go to the circus too? There are like 6 to 10 kids totally DESTROYING either my mother or brother's house right now.
  • Women took a hit on the chin this week with suggestions on self care based on study numbers and not the human element, new bills on the floor of congress that may become policy on how, when and where my sisters will deal with reproductive issues and with Oprah's pre-leave announcement, huh?
  • I guess since we've tried other 9/11 offenders in NYC successfully I guess the constitution works. So KSM should be tried there and not in a military tribunal because um, er... It wasn't military or combat action that took down the twin towers
  • Iverson to the Sixers seems appropriate to me. You can always go home again, ask Bobby Brown.
  • Wait, Oprah obtained the Discovery Channel? Daaaaaaaaaamn. Biggest power move I've seen in a long time.
  • I was driving on the highway the other day and saw the arena where the circus is and you could smell them elephants... From like a half mile away. You think there's at least one outfit in someone's travel closet that doesn't smell like that? And furthermore, how does one kick it for some non-circus fraternization off compound without lighting up the club or venue with elephunk?
  • Omar's 'For Pleasure' album still gives... Takes my head out of the death game. I've mentioned about anger and deep thought about dying more than a few times this week. I can't shake it and I'm fine with it at this point. I've taken to a Klingon saying (Trekkie - sup Kirk!) used upon waking and in expression: 'Today is a good day to die!!!' I like that. Can't stop it, can't avoid it caused it a time or two either inadvertently or by choice so... Might as well accept the fact that death is a regular and daily part of life for the living, huh? Sometimes doing or thinking about other stuff isn't enough. Cats like Omar and the kind of funk he cranks out helps me get out of my funk.
  • Reminder to stay in Pop's ass after watching him down some grape soda and ice cream last night. Watching my mother and father in the same room at the same time more than twenty years after splitting is a hilarious thing. Other than my older brother who was absent, I had my whole damn immediate family in the same location. We probably should have made the announcement then, but there is hope that all of my sibs and I will be together before we split and go in opposite directions in two days
  • HUGE meeting with business partners Monday... It's gonna be hard watching football tomorrow and prepping for my presentation. Whatever, this one is in the bag. Plus, I've taken on yet ANOTHER marketing thingee that should keep me busy and decently compensated that blends in seamlessly with the other stuff already on the table.
  • Did you know that the National Association of Free Clinics has another FREE mega clinic screening thingee going on in Little Rock, AR today? So far, more than 1.7 million dollars has been raised to set up free clinics for folks that need a little healthcare. I hope people show up in bunches so the data can get to congress and I hope people that need help can actually get it
  • Bought yet another GPS module and I can firmly state that the Insignia brand GPS needs a faster processor and a little bit of Jesus. I get to put it to work big time in a couple of days though. Right now, I'm thinking store credit and an exchange for a Garmin product
  • Atlanta is still in play. It'll be different if that happens, but...
Pretty much what's going on up there. Now I gotta run to the cell phone store, and then back home, and then to the Cupcake Gallery for the grand opening, and then hand out cupcakes to the nieces and nephews, and sit with mom and go over the time share thingee, and then go with the kiddies and help them navigate the Festival of Lights thingee downtown with literally a million other people and then maybe the circus, and then a possible grown folk veg out if we can get my sibs away form the chilluns and then some quiet time with my other half.

Saturday. 592.

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