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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Running The Option

I just snagged this from the Chicago Sun-Times comment column posted by some cat whose screen name is 'A_Better_Tomorrow'. Check the vocab:

Any surplus, even $1, would be better than the $1,000,000,000,000. deficit President Obama inherited.
I wonder what tune you would be singing if Clinton left Bush a trillion dollar debt.

When passed, health plans will not all of the sudden be free. Your comments suggest you think the government is going to be providing free heath care to everyone. If you really believe that, that's sad. The government is not going to be paying for your insurance. The end user -- you, me, your employer, everyone -- will still pay for their own plan. The government is not going to pay for you, if that's what you think.

Let me break it down for you.

You can ship a package using private carriers, UPS or Fed Ex, or, you can use the public option -- the United States Postal Service. See, it's not hard. You decide what's best for you. But whichever one you pick, it's not free. Now, if you like your insurance--great, if you want to use the public plan, that's okay too (if available in your state).

Will public option plans cost less? Yes, because they don't have to make a profit. So if you switch to a public plan -- your out-of-pocket costs will be lower (good for you). See, just like it costs more to ship a package using UPS or Fed Ex than going to the post office.

Did he do a good job in explaining what could happen after a vigorous senate debate next month?


After yesterday, I think LSU should have run the wishbone instead of the option, huh? Damn. I had hope. Shouts to Ohio State as well.

Speaking of college football, another stolen quote this time from the one and only Roland S Martin via facebook and Twitter. Peep his adlib:

"I love it when Notre Dame loses. They fired Ty Willingham, saw Charlie Weis as their savior, gave him a HUGE contract, and he's horrible!"

I expressed that comment a couple of years ago. Like my man Ason Unique aka The short order cook in 'State Property' aka Old Dirt Dog aka Dirt McGirt dba Big Baby Jesus aka Osirus who y'all knew as Old Dirty Bastard said time and time again: 'Shame on a NUH who try to run game on a NUH!'

Uncle Ty, we love you man.

And to think, my aunt offered up 3 tickets to that ND game and I almost bit. Rolling up in my momma's house looking like a superhero Friday night. My cousin is in the band and I've never been to the big house in South Bend... But I just couldn't do it. Plus I was busy yesterday anyway. I think she probably wanted me to drive out there too. Hmmph!


When Notre Dame and St Mary's can get their shit right when dealing with certain folks as well as dignatries and such...

So glad ND lost. Roland was on it with that comment. Ascot wearing ass... Rocking that haberdashery like a 70s preacher with a pimp for a stylist.


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