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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

I'm supposed to be blogging every day this month and one of the bonuses of me reading other people's blogs is that I get to learn new things about people that have similar interests as I. There are a ton of folks that I've actually broken bread with over the years that I've met because of blogging. That kind of thing hasn't really faded like I thought over the years. I'm still getting a chance to meet folk face to face and have a drink or two, maybe lunch or dinner.

Contrary to popular belief, I have not... Never mind.

I am in blogging content limbo over here. I have a situation where I cannot speak because I have not gotten back all the info I both want and need in regards to both my new business venture and a family situation. I can say that the only person I can talk to other than my wife is my mother, and she acctually fell asleep on my ass over the phone last night because she worked late. I have tried to talk to my younger brother about what's going on and dude just hung up. Can't get my sister to pick up the phone. Dad blew me off.

So I've been studying and gaining valuable product knowledge as well as getting deeper into my studies holistically. One thing a lot of turmoil prepared me for is these situations that I'm dealing with right here, right now. Not that I am not moved by sickness, tragedy or death, it's just if I continue to overconcern myself with others and not care for myself I will suffer. Um... message to those who care to know: I ain't suffering on behalf of others who volunteer themselves to suffering out of sheer friggin' ignorance. As long as I have health, wealth and knowledge of self I must put my personal thang in front in order for me to be healthy enough to be of service to the ones I love and care for.

Most of y'all have no clue what I'm talking about...

What I'm saying is, when things get rough I'll be the one people are going to turn to to gain some understanding. That job I do not mind. But... When you choose to not care enough for yourself and suffer due to your ignorance, I'll still be there. I'll get you a tissue but don't expect me to cry with your ass.

I'll have better content later on y'all.


LoVe.Peace.Curls. said...

"I ain't suffering on behalf of others who volunteer themselves to suffering out of sheer friggin' ignorance"

...words to live by.

Blah Blah Blah said...

I read your post. I did.
I think it may be this self-imposed hiatus that I am on that makes me see every sexual conotation in anything that everything could possibly have... There probably are none here...probably...
I realize that it's a me, not you type of thing.

...but tell me about this, "Contrary to popular belief, I have not..."
What would that read like if it were a complete sentence?

Big Mark 243 said...

Blogging limbo ... that sounds like a good way to describe writer's block.

Sometimes, folks aren't necessarily 'volunteers' for the situations that they find themselves in. A lot of time they come dressed as great ideas or have been things that they have thought about and came to the conclusion that it was a good idea.

Don't have to get too dirty ... throw a line and if they pull themselves to shore, then they are on their lonely. But that is me ...

The Brown Blogger said...

I'm trying. I use to live for others putting my ish on the back burner and let me tell ya'... My ish burned and I had nothing to eat.

Um... You read the unwritten correctly. There is/was a contingent that believed/believes that I used my blog as a launching pad to... You know. And then someone special to me left this plane of existence and them same folk came out and tried to rattle my wife about... Well, this is the reason I never... You know.

Dealing with that ish was/is so disrespectful to/for... You know who. And angers the ish outta me.

I know what I draw thru my personality and what I write. I also know that the power of attraction can bring you. I've met a ton of folks and some of that energy... Oh boy. No regrets on not - on purpose... Glad I avoided the times where I wanted to... You know.

Best way I can describe it right now. It ain't poetic but at least it won't send the wrong message.

Bug Mark:
Dude. My brother. Mark... Everything we do is done by choice. Just because some are conditioned and others are left to roam free with their own thoughts doesn't mean that fear, religion, pride or the inability to deal with the truth does not exist. Some fear success in things because it will elevate their status, thus always having them in the spotlight and they might be a one trick pony incapable of getting past that first trick, exposing them as a fraud. Others may be so afraid of failure that they never even try. Others that might not realize their impact or potential have been told... Up to them to act on it, but they procrastinate.

And then when they are near the end of their journey they realize that the just didn't have the time for woulda' coulda' shouldas'

Trust me, I know this from experience. Sadly, I do.