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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Indifference As A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

So my dad was at his physical brink last Friday and it just so happened that my mother called him. For what reason, I don't know. They split over 20 years ago and they still have that bond, even though they both remarried. Enough of that. She said he sounded like he was some odd voiced cartoon villain that passe the final audition for some new, deep voiced Transformers character.

With phlegm. 

According to my mother's conversation with my sister, he was steps away from organ failure. Didn't matter which one, one of them were about to go.

After an ambulance call and him getting checked into an ICU after an ER visit, he was put into isolation because the docs didn't want to take any chances on him being affected by anything viral or bacterial because he could have had H1N1. He didn't. Kidneys leveled off to normal in three days. So did his liver and his heart. The questions remained by Monday morning exactly what in the hell got my dad's body all up in a tiff? As of Monday morning, we still didn't know.

The doctors looked at my dad's medical history and looked deeper into a particular thing that was really bothering him once they leveled him off and ruled out certain organ failure and heart attack and stroke. By the time my wife and I got to the hospital Monday afternoon he had been moved to a private unit (still under isolation) and looked and sounded phenomenal. But it was after they gave him a certain medication.

I talked to a specialist and asked about the drug and he told me that it looks like a certain medical condition and giving him the drug would have done nothing to help his condition if he didn't have what they thought it was. I understood because of what his life experiences have been. After speaking with my sister over the weekend and mother this evening, adding to what I already knew as well as advice and guidance given to me by friends and other professionals I already know where all of this is headed. We just needed the test results back. The docs said that they were due back today.

We didn't get em'. We were told that it would take another 10 to 15 days.

I already know. My mother and wife do too. My sister mentioned it. I tried to break things down to my brother, and he responded by not responding. Haven't talked to him since I asked him 'do you know what that is?" My dad needs to take this a little more seriously than I assume he's taking things. He seems a little non-chalant in taking his meds on time and minding other things like his diabetes.

I cannot actually say what he has because it hasn't been confirmed, but it has been explained in depth and detail. He knows. And he knows that I know. And he knows that my wife and I will stay in his ass...

That's the confirmation that I'm waiting for.

This shit ain't funny because I am not laughing.

Folk need to understand that life ain't guaranteed at all. Do something to keep the fire burning, it might just be keeping someone else very warm.


LadyLee said...

"Folk need to understand that life ain't guaranteed at all. Do something to keep the fire burning, it might just be keeping someone else very warm..."

Well said. And point taken.

I hope and pray that your father will have a complete recovery... until then, you stay in his ass. Period.

♥ CG ♥ said...

Sometimes it takes a wake up call to get us in order. I'm glad your dad's better :-).

melette said...

I will keep him in prayer.

Rose said...

You are right! We need to live life to the fullest and monitor our health...
Hope your dad is better!

The Brown Blogger said...

Thanks y'all but...

It's really up to him.

It's up to everyone else to just understand and act accordingly, even if that means someone does nothing.

Such is life, eh?