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The general, socio-political and very personal rantings and ravings of a hip hop head from the hood hustling for change... Of himself.

You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Friday, November 13, 2009


Sick of seeing TV

sick of HIV
being the absolute ending of a life to be
sick of posing ass cats
with their weak ass raps
speading sickness and lies
through their weak ass tracks
sick of kids gone wild
women with wild styles
more manly than the men that can't relate to their child
sick of seeing no respect
families we can't protect
wic checks
suburbs being the new projects
sick of music being the only thing that can soothe me
and the drum runner is the one that lies to me.
and the program director syncs the lies on repeat
all the video are a fish eyed fantasy
my kids wanna see, that's what they want to be
the real ain't even rooted in real reality
and that's the shit they're cranking out on BET
and the bullshit that's rocking on your i-p-o-d
and ain't nobody listening to folks like me
a peace loving brother rooted in spirituality
you'd rather point your finger or your nine at me
cause my rhyme'll blow your highs, end your flights of fancy
you'd rather hate the ones that even look like me
even though when I see you - you looking just like me
if I cut you 
you'll even start to bleed like me
but because I got it you wanna try to take it from me?
you better blink family cause we all gots to see
without each other we ain't gon never come to be
but that's okay, you ain't really trying to hear me
cause I impede all the places that you're trying to be
cause stacking paper makes you that much better than me
even if your ass is rich and famous, bruh you're still lonely.
coming off ships -
shackled by chains
beaten by whips
and your chains and whips is all that you aspire to be
not knowning that that your stones and oil was stolen from we
and you never put a dime back in the community
but then again you don't want to share it with me
but you snap if we don't celebrate your victory.
I hope one day you can really really see
that the folks back on the block are not the enemy.
and dialouge with you is the true remedy
so all I ask for you to do is just talk to me.
I'll even wait my turn, I'll be patient, wait and see...
cause all I ask for you to do is talk to me
I'm being patient family, you just wait and see...
All I need for you is jut to talk to me.

2005 Hassan Olumoroti Ntimbanjayo    -     Ya Dig?

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