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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I remember the first time I realized that everybody lived in their own bubble.

The bubbles these days I figure are less transparent and thicker than they were in the past. It seems that everybody lives in some sort of opinionated bubble that controls their actions and hide their true feelings, leaving less interpretation of their true feelings and intent for us on the outside. With the way things are going these days I'm pretty sure that we'll get to a point where someone's bubble will be just that impossible to pop.

While I hope not because some need popping. Sometimes. Certain folk.

Thing is, what I realized that we can live collectively or in individual bubbles and say and do anything we want and feel, thinking that it doesn't affect other people or their situations. when encapsulated, we say (shout) things reflective of undue either influence or what has been indirectly taught right, wrong or otherwise. Influence as to who we're suppose to be, things we're supposed to like and what we need to do have been unleashed in very heavy doses. In the past couple of decades some very unreliable, unproven and outright wrong folk with resources still push us to run with their limited knowledge.

What's basically happening these days is you have certain factions of individuals from certain places that believe certain things that promote outwardly that folks live inside their bubble of ideology. There are representatives that actually come outside the bubble to make announcements, broker deals and deliver edicts down from some mountain so that folks and groups in other bubbles can hear and relate. The reactions to the views and opinions from folks in said other bubbles used to be complementary with counterthought and reason. Problem is nowadays, so many people who cocoon themselves in these collective thoughts and fears have darkened the inner walls of their bubbles meaning they can't see or refuse to see someone else's bubble or for that matter the entire world around them.

There is no transparency.

For the most part, there are individuals that exist on this planet that don't live in a bubble. They attempt to communicate, trade commerce, thoughts, ideas and passions with the rest of the world and they look forward in all things that they do. So if you're trying to live your life outside of a bubble is there really a way to be complementary to the people who choose not to see outside of their own glass houses? Do you snub them if they snub you? Are you an intercessor?

You see, I'm known to be a very hard person. I can cut you off and never deal with you again if I believe you're on some bullshit. That method actually works for me because if you into living in your own bubble and there's a lot that will be said and done that would never be able to penetrate the walls of your cocoon, and the sound of mine and other voices regurgitating new ideas, thoughts, and concepts will never bounce off the inner walls and reverberate meaning you choose not to hear us... Never being left alone with a your thought/our thought combo, knowing that one thought is not enough... Then I have to jettison your ass from my existence. Time cannot stand still for those not inspired enough to not live life and experience all that The Creator has given us. This life is too precious.

Poverty, terrorism, lack of or missed opportunities, punctuality, disease and prejudice can no longer be used as an excuse on this planet, in these days. We've already overcome, you just haven't acknowledged it.

So me not being a nice person pretty much translates into me saying and doing things that could definitely pop someone's bubble. It causes them for at least a temporary moment to live in the reality of the now because I'm one of them folks that don't get much benefit from holding my tongue. I really try my best to exist in the truth of the now and for some people that reality is just a little too damn harsh. Sucks for them. They hide under the bed when it comes crashing down on the roof of their bubble, pops it, and then their comfort level immediately reduces to the point of panic and they shy away.

WTF? Really? Now? Most of my peers are near or over 40. I thought we were grown.

We shouldn't be relegated to live such lives, but we do.

So I guess my real question is: when in the bloody hell will some of us choose to live outside of our bubbles and what happens when someone else's truth becomes or already is a part of our reality? Because of that, what do we do when the bubble pops? What type of adjustments are needed to live in the reality of now? Why will we ever think of constructing a new bubble with much darker windows and better soundproofing (with a sturdier shell) just so we can't see and hear the reality of our now?

Can our family friends and loved ones be that damn afraid? Well, the answer is yes.

And now that a lot of us have realized while we were inside of the bubble playing with ourselves, fearful of what the truth of time brings... We've missed a whole hell of a lot. Older age, missed opportunities, and lost loved ones over time teaches us that we should be more appreciative of what's going on right now and that we need to get the hell out of these bubbles and just live and take what the universe gives us.

So my first bubble popping statement to a couple of people that are very close to me that read this blog is:

Your ass is getting old. You haven't done what you said we're going to do and you promised. Your window is closing. How long do you think I'll wait? You've only rewritten the plan all those times because you're stalling - you're afraid to execute. You're so afraid of failure that you won't even try and I'm getting ready to walk away.


Damn bubbles.



JStar said...

I love this...Deep and very very true...I have lived in my bubble the majority of my life...As a kid up until now its like the world was going on around me and I am observivng...Keeping my inner most private thoughts close or written in my poetry or journal...Never shared...I am attempting to break this shell/cycle...Learning how to let someone else in...My shell is so comfortable tho...Prevents anyone from getting to close and exposing me, the real me that no one see's...I love this post...

Big Mark 243 said...

Damn, I thought at first you were talking to me... you aren't, are you?

Whoever needed to read/hear this, I hope that they got the message. I want to say that I did! Thanks for putting the news out today!

LadyLee said...

You do know how to issue the gut check, don't you? My bubble has been popped. You always make me think, and you're swift with that wicked verbal backhand...

This really spoke to me right here:

"Time cannot stand still for those not inspired enough to not live life and experience all that The Creator has given us. This life is too precious."

The Brown Blogger said...

Big Mark:

I think... No, I KNOW that I see it and others see the exact same thing! I know that life is fleeting and precious and because of some of the choices we make (living, nutrition, spiritual, traumatic, etc), a lot of us aren't going to get the chances we dream about.

So what about NOT dreaming at all and just going out there and getting what we want (within law and reason) because THAT will make us happy?

Some of us wander the 6 blocks around our home wondering about gondola rides in Paris, making enough to take holiday even for a weekend. We fuss, hem and haw about opportunity, love and access when all of that stuff is right there.

Someone told us long ago that we were not worthy enough to fill the voids we think we're missing.

We fill them alright. Until we find out that sex, boose, sugar and narcotics can NEVER get it done.

I get hated on as well as having folk live vicariously thru my adventures and ish because I eliminated my fear in actually getting off my ass and doing stuff.

I can no longer do things alone. I've heard folk speak of wonderful things. I need them to get up and do them to compliment me just as I'd like to compliment their ish as well.

We can fill all of each other's voids by doing what we love. We just have to stop being so damn afraid. We're getting old and these windows are closing.

Sorry for blogging yet again.

Gallis said...

Never apologize for blogging!

The Brown Blogger said...


Okay, okay...

I'm sorry for saying I'm sorry. I apologize for apologizing. I'll never say I'm sorry for blogging again but for now... I apologize for saying I'm sorry about being sorrowful about blogging about not feeling sorry for folks that don't want to live...

And THAT is a sorry-ass thing.

So forgive me.

♥ CG ♥ said...

Wow, this is so on point. I've been saying we've overcome for a while now only to feel bad for those who are still self-limited for whatever reason. I realize there's a certain amount of living one may have to experience in order for these facts to sink in, but dang! You're right, we you hit the late 30s, it's time to get ish in order and that includes intellect and plans to prosper/grow.

Great post, my friend!