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—Miguel de Unamuno


Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Emotional, Clingy Finger Pointing People

I was going to compose some long, drawn out diatribe on what I think the President should say/do tonight but...

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I wanted to see the Republican debate.

I watched that shit, and I must say love him or hate him, if any of these guys end up with the Republican nomination, Obama should win the general election by a mathematically embarrassing landslide.

I noticed something about liberal-minded folks these days: These MFers are STILL celebrating the Obama victory from November of 2008. Folks in 2011 still speak like Jesse Jackson was looking election night in Grant Park but also walk around with selective memory.

I shouldn't have to get into it, but if you don't know of the damn near 300+ accomplishments of the Obama Administration but know all sorts of other sordid details about basketball wives, celebrity marriages, water cooler gossip and random sports fact, shame on your low-information having ass! Even if you don't agree with this man's politics, you should know what him and his administration has done, so to turn on one of the few mature adults in the room is beyond my understanding at this point.

Or maybe it isn't.

I get it. I really do. America was already falling further into the depths of hell which probably caused you libs to vote for Obama just to get out of the Bush Administration. Y'all wanted to make history and really thought that by electing this particular harmless negro that somehow, magically HE could make everything better by osmosis.

You mother fuckers forgot that the banks, wall street and other major players in the free markets were deregulated and let loose to run amok, and you let them take all of your money and fuck your 401k up.

You also let them tell that Muslim lie to your face a decade ago, so you mindlessly chanted USA, took your shoes off and threw away your 3oz liquid containers at the airport and let these bastids listen in on your phone calls.

You also fell for the jumbo mortgage bullshit and actually applied and was given 20 and 30 year mortgages on houses that should have sold for less than $250k and then you got laid off because demand dwindled because other fuckers got laid off too and no one could buy shit on the open market... And plus your savings went bye bye with the fall of the capital markets.

These things could not have just magically ended with Obama taking office in 2009, and they certainly did not. One man and his administration cannot dictate control over the free markets, and because of our greed, ignorance, warmongering and deregulation of many things, we're all suffering the consequences.

Add that to the emotional connection most liberal minded folk have with Obama and mix in talking points, sound bytes from cable news and unchecked, irrational overexpectations from his base and you get folk angry that the president hasn't flipped a table on the GOP, thus not giving them the emotional satisfaction they demand from a gentleman who is continuously marginalized, undervalued and underestimated by his opposition.

Its not enough that his opposition obstructs his legislative proposals at every turn. It's not enough that he isn't respected and most folk that oppose him are as racist as they are nationalist, needing his marginalization to be constant and ongoing because they just refuse to believe a dark-skinned man of African descent is the Commander-In-Chief and THEIR leader of the free world.

I'm only in my 40s, but I remember when voters were the best constituents, picking up signs, making phone calls, protesting and boycotting when they had to.

Dumping your unfettered emotions on the President is cowardice.

I hope he drops Congress like Harry Truman tonight and unveil a massive works program upwards of $700 billion, call folks out by name and dare them to say no in the same cool, calm manner that he always seems to have when he's doing his thing.

And when those job applications hit the streets (because something will get approved by Congress), I hope you get off of your critical asses and put some work in and pay your fair share.

I left my mother's house at 17 with the money I saved up from my first job at a car wash when I was 13. I joined the Army and kept moving forward. I've had setbacks and I fell (and failed) more than a handful of times, but I never blamed my failures or shortcomings on anyone else but myself.

There's a chance he won't get re-elected next year.

You'll miss his ass then. Mark my words.


Tiffany said...

I keep telling people this, but no one is listening to me.

Peace, Love and Chocolate,

The Brown Blogger said...

Shouldn't have to tell them sh#t, but everytime you talking, they get distracted by some bullshit on TMZ or something...

Whitney Barber said...

Well said.

Musique's Poetry said...

You hit the nail on the head. We've got so many people listening to bull shit instead of actually seeing what Obama has accomplished and how the opposition are assholes

The Brown Blogger said...

We've learned to put safety and personal feelings aside in making things happen for the marginalized minority...

Until one of them got elected president.

And all of the fear and distracted confusion suffered from the great betrayal to the pressing of forced intergration in the late 50s has returned.

That was like, 80 years you know.

So that means if 'they' have their way, there will not be another minority in the White House until your great-grandkid is able to vote.

Imagine if there is no fight from the downtrodden and ignored... The wage slaves.

ronald page said...

I think at times Obama's inexperience and lack of connection to real people sometimes shows. I think in hindsight he would have deferred healthcare reform to focus upon jobs and his two wars.

And what's up with keeping Bin Laden's photos under wraps? The American people still have some frontier stock left. We want to see hides on the wall. Give the people some satisfaction, show the world that if you mess with the US we will blow off half your head.

And about that MANDATORY healthcare clause? That's so dumb I'm not even going there. He should have known that mandating anything to Americans is a red flag.