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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Thursday, August 01, 2013

Progress Measured At Arms Distance

It doesn't hurt anymore.

I don't think it was ever painful than it was damned difficult to get through. When people suffer, it is hard to muddle through. I don't know about you, but death and disease, gain and loss are expected. It's how you acknowledge, accept, deal with... You know, the process and how one moves forward with whatever was gained from the relationship is what matters most.

To say that one is not prepared to move after even mere minutes in relation to a person, job, marriage or friendship is not to be laid on the person or thing that passes or goes away, but on the person blessed with the presence of such graces.

You should always be ready. No one is promised tomorrow.

I realize now that in my error, I have surrounded myself with folk that don't take anything seriously. There are friends that don't believe in themselves, family that cherish nothing and confidants that refuse to realize that this is as real as it gets and to cherish it and see the value is the best way to focus on the larger picture.

My inner circle is weak, full of doubt and lacks confidence. Matter of fact, I truly believe that these people that I have tried to depend on (which I cannot) for various things don't actually like themselves.

I have always believed in myself.

I'm about to embark on things that folk in my inner circle think they're personally needed in order for me to do. I guess it will break their hearts and piss them off something terrible when they see that it doesn't take them to provide a crutch of fear and doubt for me to do what I want even in the shadow of lost senses.

I may be legally blind, but I can still think, believe, crawl. walk and run...

I refuse to live in someone else's cloud of fear and doubt because they're afraid to do or because they seem to be stuck in an odd emotional rut. Our ancestors, family and friends have given us the ultimate in the most fascinating clues on this road map. It is up to us to use the gifts we were born with to achieve happiness.

Look, I have to separate myself from a lot of y'all because... Well shit. If this applies to you and you've already been shut out then you already know...

It's not me, it's you.

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