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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Friday, August 02, 2013

An Open Letter To The Ones Closest To Me

I've always gotten what I wanted by simply going out and getting it.

When I realized that being a black man meant nothing in determining my fate, I was able to make obtaining what I wanted easier. Coming up poor and barely getting by as a kid no longer affects me as an adult. Having communications issues with my parents and siblings also no longer matters.

You see, there is nothing to blame anything on. There never was.

You may argue with me, but having a handicap or being of a certain racial makeup or being limited to opportunities based on class or the like I believe are just excuses for the weak.

Now, not all of us can transcend. Some of us aren't able to let go of the mental and so-called spiritual constraints. I tell you that this is cultural conditioning. You have to be able to see beyond it, and  for some of us, being poor, or having a disease or feeling like they are constantly being held back because of class, genetics, sex or race is muffling enough...

Enough that you will never see past your current situation. That saddens me because I see so much greatness in all of you. To know that most of you will live and die unfulfilled makes me feel for you, but that doesn't make me want to stop my thing because I too must strive for happiness and fulfillment in life, and some people must get left behind.

It's up to you to want to catch up.

Some of you have tried different methods... Some of you have learned pseudo-spirituality from your parents and grand parents and for the sake of tradition have practiced it... Placing hope in the mysteries of the teaching of a messianic figure that just hasn't given you anything, yet you refuse to move from it, even though it has done you no good.

There has always been more to the spirit than simple religion, but in order to not offend and having total lack of understanding (or not dedicating the time) and sheer ignorance, you stay away.

It's like putting your money in a mattress - You will have no return on your investment. No interest earned. And you only did that because a grandma or an uncle never trusted the banking system for his or her own reason and put their money there. What good does that do you?

The same applies with love and relationships. There is more than one path to success. Same with diet and exercise. The same with work and your social life... You do the obvious and nothing else... You've maintained the status quo and now you wonder why you're not satisfied with where you are.

And most of you are my peers, so that means you are an adult possibly with grown children and even grandchildren. You have nothing to prove to anyone, but are still mired in fear and uncertainty.

How am I supposed to build with you?

And no, I'm not talking about the acquisition of things. You can't take any of that shit with you.

The fake hair, nails, makeup, shoes, clothes, cars, debt, pseudo-education, acquisition of pedigrees and pseudo self-righteousness as well that the relentless pursuit of money, status, political capital and the front-row seat at the temple with the zealots and the ones bearing false witness are the reasons you push me even further away from you.

It amazes me how some of y'all keep yourself so busy with bullshit that the time to get to connect was never really considered. I'd hate to make you late for work. No one is perfect, I am as flawed as they come, but...

Considering that most of you have probably lived longer than what you have left, don't you want to do things and be places that make you and those around you happy?

Or are you going to die and leave this earth looking, feeling and existing like that?

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Rose said...

you make a lot of sense!