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—Miguel de Unamuno


Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Acknowledge the problem. This is the first step to resolution, so I'll
admit that I have a problem...

I am an iPod whore.

There, I said it. The little white box with the matching headphones is
the digital equivalent to crack...


Now, getting an iPod is almost like buying a car. The damn thing is quite
expensive for what it does, can't really justify buying the top of the line
model so you go economy. I got the 20 gig. The 40 is not too much, but
scary. No one should have that much space for music storage. I must say
that the thingee has a calender, contact list and picture storage as well
as a clock/alarm feature... all of the things crackwhores need out on the
stroll to make them successful. This obviously was duly noted to be
added to the pod' by the "crack staff" at Apple Labs, thus the
versatility of the module.

At first I had buyer's remorse, but know that as soon as you take the
damn thing out of the box, YOU WILL SCRATCH IT!!!, so refunds are
rare. Exchanges, maybe. After you put the buds in, it's over. Yours
forever. You become symbiont with a handheld hard drive with a screen
and an earphone jack. Make time to support your digicrack habit, it'll
consume you.

I currently have over 400 of my cuts (minus albums) on this thing, and
there is room for 4600 more... I'm scared. I cannot function without
those special little earbuds attached to my head, cramming
Parliment/Funkadelic, Nas, Omar, Nina Simone and King Pleasure in my
head during workout time and work hours. I'm sure you've seen my
"tuning out" thing below, I gotta change that ish... It is tru that I tune
out my co-workers so I won't have to talk to them. Folks are cool,
but... I'd rather not make a friend at work. Just my preference, that's

The premise is that I should have a top ten list. Each day, due to the
amount of songs that this wonderful creation can hold should afford me a
top ten list each day of the week thanks to playlist creation. And, since
I complain a lot and am never in a good mood, I should have a top ten list
in accordance on how I feel that moment... There, THAT will replace
the "tune out" spot found below this post.

I noticed that most of my free time (which I don't have a lot of) is
spent for the betterment and glorification of music appreciation thru the
easy firewire transfer of my digicrack machine. I am never finished,
never satisfied. I must add more music. I need to add my entire musical
collection to the digicrack module. I am also in love with the shuffle, and
after my close to the edit cold turkey adventure at the gym yesterday,
I almost lost my precious portable player in a big, bad Ballys elliptical
machine. iPod shuffle y'all at the gym, don't procrastinate, support your
digicrack habit properly and buy the lil one for working out. You'll be glad
you did.

This mini machine can bitch the toughest, ass whipping rootin' tootin son
of a gun. Trust me. Some of the hardest nigga's I know got a whole lot
of Patti Labelle stored on the iPod, and I ain't gon' even trick off on the
cat that has the entire PM Dawn catalogue in a folder titled "memories",
not my job. I do have a ton of R&B stored and I am not ashamed either.
Prince takes up about 30% of the drive with anything Bernie
Worrell/George Clinton/Bootsy Collins coming in second at about 15%.
Anything Dre is third @ 7-10%. With the other 50% of the precincts
reporting, Nas, Rakim, D'Angelo, the Tony's (Wiggins fam) PE, BDP,
Juice Crew and... B-I-G G-I-E aka B.I.G. Get it, Biggie! I got to
shout Phyllis Hyman and Amel Larrieux (reminds me of an ex). I also got
the obligatory Issac Hayes/Barry White/Luther Van/Babyface/Bryan
McKnight/O'Jays/Kool and the Gang/Ohio Players/The Deele/The
Time/New Edition/Levert/Guy/Troop/Jodeci/Boyz II Men/Public
Announcemt/Kels soopagroovalistic playa-playa section with all the booty
music one can stand. That's a must.

Oh yeah, I forgot... Outkast gets the special treatment.

See what I mean!!! This mp3 player phenomenon is very addictive, forcing
you to pledge allegiance to your favorite artists. What I found is one
cannot live without some sort of musical accompaniment, and the creators
of these digicrack devices have honed in on this. One thing, @ $.99 a
pop you will help blowuptuate evil empire #2 in its efforts to get
everyone hooked on their latest drug. Now I can only help you to a point,
so there. Subscription based services only give you access to millions of
songs but once that either ends or is not renewed... POOF! Songs are
gone. The best thing I can tell you is to either borrow against the 401k,
do a little OT or sell a quarter O, cause' digicrack budgets are more
than most cat's cocaine habits. Start with your personal collection first,
then use my helplink above to add to that. Use the
iTunes/Napster/Rhapsody to first get the oldies and oddulars you can't
find around the way, then. Go used!

Until then... rehab is not an option.

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