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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It's Tuesday Already?

Whaddup fam!

I noticed how difficult it's been for some in the blogfam to continue with fresh posts. Yeah, the holidays are approaching and work is starting to pick up, family is beginning to demand more and one must prepare for all kinds of wild and interesting scenarios that will undoubtedly blogged about, but I can't wait til' that happens! Let us know how you're coping with the change of season, what vacation plans you got and what's cracking for Thanksgiving and them early Christmas plans. This is supposed to be infoshare and therapy for most of us, and I'm sure we'd all like to know how we do what we do to get thru all of this to the new year.

I originally planned to fly out and spend Thanksgiving week alone, sipping on a few drinks and getting all spa'd out, but those plans have changed. I understand and appreciate what Thanks giving is, but I had no plans to go over someone's house and pick thru their aunt's potato salad. I don't normally keep tabs with my family and, I have no plans to pick up the phone and make arrangements to be all up and thru any of their houses. I have problems with fakeness. If a brother can't get respect on the 4th of July, what makes one think that he will on turkey day?

Them folks don't even respect me nevertheless know how to pronounce my name... And I made flash cards for they ass!

But I have been convinced to stay home though. Maybe I can compromise and sit at someone else's family table and feel welcome. Maybe as a stranger I can finally get my name pronounced correctly and be respected for my beliefs and values instead of constantly being ridiculed and second guessed. Maybe the feeling of confidence and that look of pride can be shared by someone not biased by ignorance and the undefined rules of infighting. I don't think a stranger will laugh and load up my plate with pork and beef even though I tell em' that I'm vegetarian. That same stranger won't stress me to play it safe and stay in corporate Amerikkka and encourage me to abandon my non profit organization because it sounds unstable to them. Hell, it sounds like I might like it with a bunch of strangers if that's the case. I won't have to snap off and act up in front of the shorties because their parents have issues with me. Yeah, that might be worth staying for...

Other than saving a few bucks, I guess I'll use my vacation cash to remodel my place. I've been spending more time at home and I need an infusion of comfort, so I got some ideas. My job situation has worked itself out, I ended up snagging two jobs. Along with songwriting and getting my fall photog shots it seems to be a busy last to first quarter

*I hit another writer's block thingee and it might be due to my fast.
*I need new tracks, the stuff I'm coming up with is borderline wack.
*I wanna buy a new car, but don't want a high ass payment. Dealerships are on my ass right now.
*I am really feeling Earth, Wind and Fire's new album. Good to hear Maurice sing lead again.
*Little Brother is holding it down right now.
*Why aren't more people up on Quasimoto?
*Haven't heard a single quote from 'us' about our brothers and sisters rioting in France.
*Do you care?
*I guess Clarence Thomas is the quota when it comes to brown on the Supreme Court.
*It's not George Bush... Congress and the Senate changed the parameters of the new tax bill.
*Excluding the president, all of capitol hill is up for election in 2006. Quit blaming Bush.
*If GW hasn't vetoed anything coming out of DC, then who's fault is it? YOU voted for that.

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Get thru today... Wednesday is easier, and closer to the end of the week. See you then?


Groove said...

Glad things are going so well for you.

and Things will be ok for Thanksgiving. Can;t wait to read your story.

Anonymous said...

Yea, thanksgiving with new people in a new place, to make new impressions is awesome. You deserve the respect. I'm happy for you. Now, I just need to get my shit together so I can be happy too.

Its coming along.

I'll stay in seclusion until I have everything worked out.
NO need to bother others with my problems ya know.
I can handle this, I am in control. I am NEO.


Anonymous said...

OK, I was just joking when I said Neo, but I took the quiz, and they said I am Neo. That's crazy.

"You are Neo, from "The Matrix." You display a perfect fusion of heroism and compassion."

The Brown Blogger said...

You probaby are "The One", you just need to understand your potential...

Morpheus has faith in Neo

Anonymous said...


Me said...

I'm Neo, also. That's interesting. Thought I might get somebody who played the background like "Tank" cause of my mad navigation skills... but... I could get used to being The One.

I might take you up on your challenge and answer some of those "what the hell are you doing for..." questions. Might.

Yep, see you then.