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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Creator Has A Master Plan...

There was a time, when peace was on the earth,
And joy and happiness did reign and each man knew his worth.
In my heart how I yearn for that spirits return
And I cry, as time flies,
Om, Om.

There is a place where love forever shines
And rainbows are the shadows of a presence so divine
And the glow of that love lights the heavens above
And it's free, can't you see, come with me,

The creator has a master plan,
peace and happiness for every man
The creator has a working plan,
peace and happiness for every man
The creator makes but one demand,
happiness through all the land...

Pharoah Sanders/Leon Thomas

"The Creator Has A Master Plan" - 1968

Can you feel that?

Have you ever given thought to what The Creator has in store for you? Have you ever wondered why things are the way they are?

Do you belong with him?

Why is she talking a whole bunch of crap right now?

Why exactly did I get fired?

I hate this car...

I'm broke again.

I love my child, I just wish he/she would listen.

This is so cool, I am so blessed to have this.

I got over that cold real quickly.

She died? WTF? How did that happen?

See, we go thru so much BS involving our jobs, family, gossip, rumor and innuendo that we sometimes forget that God already has things in store for us. Sometimes, we never take the time to asses and get right with God. I am so guilty of having that lack of balance, because that's what a life hiccup is, lack of peace and balance spiritually. I am not a religious cat, but I yearn for spiritual balance at all times. I see that gaining definition in what the Creator has for me means me moving around, touching others and discovering where I'm needed next. That's why I'm not afraid to spend the paycheck to get out on the weekends and gig.

I need to get out there and see where God needs me.

What exactly do you think The Creator has in store for you and what do you plan to do about it? Is there a void right now for you that you feel needs to be filled? How do you plan to fill it and when? What keeps you from doing what you want:

(working at the job you hate but never quitting - being with someone that makes your flesh crawl, but y'all did the nasty last night - not saying I love you to the one person that really needs to validate your love for their sake... And sanity - going to that place because you wanna and can, but don't - confronting the obstacle that holds you back - quitting smoking, you can feel the cancer creeping in your lungs - kicking that sexual addiction - turning a blind eye to folk, especially family that need you in some way or another - eliminating the gambling habit you have, sacrificing necessities for vanity and pleasure... You know the rent/mortgage/car payment is due but you gotta get that outfit - saying NO to him/her - not getting a clue about being wanted by your employer/friends/family)

When will enough be enough and you'll be ready to obey the call of balance?


Anonymous said...


Did you do the nasty last night???

This is real shit, now if I can find out where he needs me.

Maybe its right here at home.....studying, reading, and writing, for clarity, so when I go back out there, I'm better prepared for combat???

The Brown Blogger said...


Gallis said...

OK. It's kinda fu-ree-kay that you posted this because I've had this feeling in the past year that some force was moving in my life that was so much bigger than my wants and needs. I've basically spent the last eight years or so getting my ass kicked. Bad health, bad finances, crappy jobs, watching my artistic ambitions go down the drains of illness, debt and depression, all the time wondering why it was going on.

My only consolation during all of this was that there had to be a reason. Last year I just decided I had to get into a new line of work for a day job and events conspired to help me. Nothing like a maniac for a boss to put a fire under your butt! My sitch now is the complete opposite. Now I've been ready this year to really get into dealing with my weight/health/allergy issues. It's like something has turned or a burden has lifted and I feel I can do these things now.

Lately I've been feeling really hopeful about my singing and that maybe I shouldn't give up just yet because it gives me so much joy. Now my boss wants to do another group karaoke night just cause he wants to hear me sing! Heh! And I'm meeting people who possibly/maybe could help me later on with that.

Who the heck knows? But I do know that the fact that you wrote this post now and I read it now are no coincidence.

Life is amazing.

BrownSugga said...

This blog was like when u r in church and everything the preacher says seems as though he's talking directly to u. Your blog once again has touched me and for that I am thankful. We all have a purpose and hopefully soon I'll find the rest of my plan.

G. Cornelius said...

Knowledge...I dig that...I'll keep you posted

Viqi French said...

excellent post. i'm new here and will definitely return. really grand thought-starters that seriously touched me mind. peace! (ps: i'm in the Chi, too!)