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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Hassan-A-Thon...

***UPDATE*** 6/20/2006 8:00 am ***UPDATE***

I had already prepeared this post, but I felt the need to add to it today with this message. The original post follows with no changes. Please pray for grandma this morning, she is in ICU hanging in there. Just visited her last Sunday and she was released from the hospital Friday... She was re-admitted Sunday night. Also, heard from my ex as I traveled last night and her grandmother went thru a quadruple bypass surgery yesterday morning (hey, I love her grandmother and I have no beef with those that have no beef with me) I ask for your prayers and understanding for these two strong black women this morning. Hope that they make it through. It seems that my testing isn't over according to the creator.

Back to the original post...

Things get better with time. I had the worst weekend when it came to making time to do things because I didn't get enough rest after my little oral surgery thing. Thanks to y'all for looking out and giving me the advice to rest my trifling ass....

My body took what it needed Sunday and for that I'm glad cause' I was gonna keep on moving.

Things I notice since I had my mouf rearranged:

*My voice is different more bass and less treble. To hell with explanations on the how and why, I already know

*Speaking with two of my clients today, I was complimented on my voice. Strange moment. One cat I spoke to today even said that I 'would make a great rapper'.


I'm back chewing somewhat, and I see that until my implants (molars) get - implanted, chewing 'hard' stuff is a challenge that I'm no longer interested in partaking in

for the first time in years, I can close my mouth and make my (remaining) molars touch. For those of you with busted chops and have to go thru the motions, think about that for a moment and get back with me.

Other than the grey and white hairs I now posses, arthritis and other ailments and conditions that strike older people, I'm finally reversing course when it comes to my smile. Howso, well:

Back in the day, Moms drug me to this asshole of a socialite-boule brother that was pretty handy with wiring a young brother's mouth shut orthodontically. I wore braces for 7 years, that's how bad my shit was. I had to get them taken off early because of the whole Army thing. I really didn't give a damn about my choppers like that (getting orthodontic care) until I got out of the service, I just couldn't afford to get what I wanted done.

Now after getting various knee parts vacuumed out and getting one rebuilt, having discs in my back do the limbo, nerve damage to both of my feet, breaking bones in both hands and my nose as well as limping thru 2 hernia surgeries, I rehabbed, got all yogi on that ass and am as normal as I'll ever be, but never got them parts back. With my smile, you can order new joints so now it's all going to be brand new and I might just wanna smile every now and then.

I'm not ashamed of my crooked chicklets, but in the same breath I never want to put em on display. Now that I might be really be out there pressing the flesh it's imperative that I feel confident about flashing them pearlies to get that yaper. My first step was Friday and I'm excited about this painful ass process.

Until then, imma keep frowning on that ass. I kinda like that look, gives me character.

Oh, and here's your chance (I'm stealing big time, but hey... Whatcha gwon do?)


For a limited time only, you can ask me ANYTHING, and I'll be much obliged to answer your wack-ass questions without editing or censoring myself. Be nosey and find out shit. Get the truth to what happened the night I was headed to my man Jade's crib back in 88' and got sidetracked (reportedly abducted) and never made it there. Who do I love, who do I hate and why? Do I really worship the devil, and if not, what's all that blood for? Why was I fingered as that cat on the grassy knoll back in 63? Wait, I'm older than 35? Why do I disavow all knowledge being kin to what's her name even though I was in the audience (and got acknowledged - even made a joke and got a laugh) when she sat with Oprah? Wassup with that spaceship-anal probe-white light shit? Find the link between Neuro Linguistic Programming, altered states of consciousness, Anthony Robbins and Reggie Noble's mentally challenged twin sister that lives with my cousin and her baby's daddy in the back bedroom in Newark. Find out how she picks lucky lotto numbers for old ladies and creates hood names for the young children on the block. A threesome? When? Who? Get out of here!!! Get all personal and thangs with a brother, I dare you...

I double dog dare you.

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