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—Miguel de Unamuno


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Homework Assignment

Since a certain brother has formed a presidential exploratory committee and all of these folks are either getting ready to jump on the bandwagon or throw stones, I have an idea or two and some comments:

*Explore both parties and their affiliations with local movers and shakers.
*Speak with the local councilperson in your area/ward and get his/her opinion on this so-called phenomenon.
*Find out which labor parties are affiliated with each candidate.
*Also, find out how your state congressman/woman and senator feels about the new happening.
*Research campaign contributions and see who's donating to said campaign(s)
*What HB/SB's has your local politician put into motion? Did it get passed?
*Are there additional bills attached and what is the time frame of them getting to the floor?
*What would your solution be to the current military situation... And be serious with figures and spending.
*How would you restructure the current budget (both local, regional and nationally) to make enough funding available to everyone?
*Which special interest groups are affiliated with your candidates and why?
*Have you criticised GW about foreign policy? Okay, if so... Who do you nominate to handle it in 2008? Why?
*What credentials do your cabinet members have?
*How do you increase spending for public school programs and not raise taxes?
*How do you give tax breaks for the working class and not pass obvious flaws off on the working poor?
*How does the working poor get a break on obtaining real property? Education?
*Do the free trade agreements need restructuring with Mexico and China?
*How do we deal with China, North Korea and Iran as nuclear powers?
*How will post Iraq troop movement affect stability in that region?
*How do we serve Israel and protect Palestine in the same breath?
*If we do that, how do we separate opposing factions in Northern Africa?
*Can a fair trade agreement be reached for resources and stabilization there?
*How can we put another 25% of high school grads thru college in the hood?
*Can we restructure the forbearance and deferment programs to match the default rehab program?
*Is it possible to put the A+, MCSE and CCNA/CCNP programs at a vocational level?
*Wouldn't that open up a whole new revenue stream for Microsoft and Cisco?
*Wouldn't that open a window of partnership with urban high schools and technical colleges?
*Wouldn't it be nice to earn $40k at 22 with limited college experience?
*Wouldn't it be cool for the big three to open hybrid assembly plants in North America?
*Wouldn't it be cool if the iPhone and other Apple brand products be manufactured here in the US?
*It would be cooler for an open health care system here as well.
*Cooler if black greek organizations get together open a big-ass savings account and purchase available stock of XYZ corporation and have a controlling interest. How would THAT shareholder meeting look? And wouldn't we have say so in manufacturing, marketing, research and development?
*What happened to the black farmer? What happened to clone-free, steroid-free organic foods?
*Could Wesley Snipes get a pardon and lead the president's council on physical fitness?

Why am I asking all the damn questions? Am I the only one concerned with this shit? Probably. I hear a lot of talk about 'Bush' with no real solutions. Obama might seem like a likely candidate, but is he really? Who is? Why? What research have you done? Is that the only thing you'll do is complain? What happened to the revolutionaries? What about the folks that got off their asses and actually did something? Remember, we have the right to form a militia. If folks were really upset about the troops in Iraq, why didn't GW get impeached? Didn't 'Slick Willie' get impeached over an illegal land deal after getting caught in the middle of a blow job scandal in the big house? How does that happen when 'Bush' is supposedly worse than 'Slick'?

I know.

Money talks and bullshit walks.
Our people used to march and demonstrate back in the day.
Some of us actually armed and educated ourselves and made change.
I don't see that anymore, but everyone is pissed off about living conditions.
You make more money on 'Bush's' watch than under 'Willie's'.
Keep talking shit while driving your expensive-ass SUV at $3 a gallon.
I dare you to trade that with living 10 years ago.
No do some damn research on a candidate and actually make change... If you dare.

But you don't hear me doe...


So...Wise...Sista said...

Unless the answers are on myspace, youtube or up in a snap "music" hook, people don't give a eff and wont care to find out...thats only half true, but i dont have the energy to write the other half. :)

But damn if you right on point as always.

Believer said...

WOW! That's a lot of questions.

Tasha said...

You're so on point.

I think what happens all too often is that people have their personal needs met, so no longer feel the need to seek the answers to questions like the ones you're asking. It's too much to be concerned with issues that don't have an immediate direct effect on them.

aquababie said...

right on time! some folk won't care because a man of color is running and it seems he fits the bill. the others won't care because they could give a rat's ass as long as bush is out. and the others are living alright like you said and don't wanna change the status quo.

we have to do better!

Ming Houser, Realtor said...

As usual a good post.

I was listening to the Tom Joyner Morning show today on the way to work and Tavis did his thing. He made a good point. He said that while talking to Obama, he told him not to assume that he will automatically get the black vote. I almost pulled over and started clapping!

I hear people say they're voting for OB or they want him to run just because he's black. For me, that's not good enough. We, black and white people, have to pay attention to the issues. Does this persons goals, outlooks, plans, actions coinside with your beliefs and goals. End of story. It's not about the color of the skin, but the content of the feel me?

So, OB and anyone else that decides to run will have to prove to me that they're worth my vote. Nobody get's a pass just because...

Ms_SoCal said...

U have me thinking ... and I admit I do have some homework to do. I can't answer all of these questions.

I want to!

Luke Cage said...

Hassan, whattup brotha?! I'm hitting you up from the west coast while I'm away on business. Haven't stopped by in a few and I just wanted to let you know your vybe is still on point my friend. Drop them jewels like you so often do. The political process is looong and tiresome. It's going to be an interesting ride for whoever heads to the white house. Let IT begin.

African girl, American world said...

wow you're going to Africa. If you want to make a stop in Zambia, hit me up :=)

Sweet KeiKei said...

this is funny because i'm talking about being indignant over on my page and it's crazy because you're absolutely right there is no way in the world i'm about to go find out all this information when i have work, school, am a single parent and can barely deal with all of that. i don't know what happened to the fight that young people (both black and white) used to have. i guess it skipped my generation. there are so many things in my community that anger me but unfortunately i'm afraid to really put myself out there like that, ya know? these people, MY people aint about making no changes these days, everyone jus chillin.

Sweet KeiKei said...

oh yeah...including me

Gallis said...

Why don't you run?

Naomi said...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps your future includes a career as a political analyst. It sounds as if you're up to the task. ;-)

toneec42 said...

Unfortunately a lot of us won't do our homework and we'll just jump on the bandwagon of whoever is looking best for the win. When did politics become a betting sport? Only backing the one with the best odds to win instead of the one who "says" they believe what you believe?

Rose said...

I am not jumping on Obama bandwagon. I haven't heard anything from him to make me think he is good presidential material, even though Bush isn't either. But we don't need another mistake in the white house. Your suggestion are definitely on point. You should run my brother, those are great suggestions...