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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Listen To Yourself...

Do you hear that?

What in the hell did you just say?

Why do you speak to yourself like that?

If you had the chance to give yourself a pep talk each morning, you know, that time in which you're looking into the mirror right before you leave the house. You know, the self-sexy check?


Okay, so if you had a chance to give yourself that talk, what would you say?

(stolen from LadyLee)


Okay, so why does the answer to my question differ from the one you already give yourself now?

Time to change your internal dialouge, eh?

More to come on this... We gotta talk, fam.


Anonymous said...

I give myself pep talks all the time :)

Sweet KeiKei said...

wow! talk about a sign! i jump to your page as i'm sitting here....(u wanna hear the honest to God truth????..... beating myself up for being who/how i am and wondering how i can change so more people can like me and i can make more friends. sad, huh??

Anonymous said...

You want to know what I'd say (what I do say)? I tell myself "You really can do it. Yes heffa...YOU. YOU can do it."

I talk to myself quiiiiiiiite often.

Paula D. said...

I find myself saying 'Girl get it together' when I'm having bad days.

T. S. Snowden said...

Honestly, sometimes the things that I say to myself I wouldnt say to someone I disliked to any degree...and that is indeed an issue that must be remedied immediately...
Good food for thought thanks

Anonymous said...

Lately, I say to myself: STOP IT!

Referencing the negative thoughts that tend to creep in.

Ladynay said...

Damn good question...I'll think about that.

LadyLee said...

You know, you are the king of self-assessment... Imagine if we could all look in the mirror every morning and self-assess, just get downright honest with ourselves, and stop fakin' the funk... Where on earth would we all be right about now!?

Out of our hearts flow the issues of life... gotta change what's going on inside our hearts, bruh...

Interested where you are going with this one...

Feel free to steal the *crickets* whenever you need them.... There are plenty to go around, I'm sure. LOL!

aquababie said...

i've had those periods of negative self-talk. the last year was filled with it. i acknowledge the crap that i could improve upon without beating myself up. i repeat my affirmation in my head too.

and i talk to myself all the time. my therapist said it was completely fine :)

Rose said...

I haven't tried it in a while. It's long overdue for me. I'd probably say you are smart, and can do anything. Go for what you want.

Ming Houser, Realtor said...

I give myself pep talks often and every time I negative thought evades my mind, I instantly kick it out!

Ms.Honey said...

Girl you can do it...can't nobody stop you but need to stop being a punk LOL...that's what I say to myself

Anonymous said...

thanks for the post
tryin' to turn that self-dialogue around
sometimes I don't wanna work at it but I just do it even when I don't believe