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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Sunday, January 28, 2007

T - Minus 3 Days And Counting...

In the name of the Most High I greet you:

Peace and Blessings

It's been a week or so since I 've had the chance to get to my own blog and spit a little something. A lot has happened and I was planning on touching a few of those events via this blog.

But I'm not.

I guess after reading responses and getting emails as well as having convo with a lot of folk I've noticed a disturbing trend. Black folks are down with the status quo. A lot of of have gotten complacent and like the fact that they do nothing and get nothing because it's expected. I have to accept that. As much as I don't want to I gotta take that and I hate it.

Yeah, I said it... I hate it and I never use that word or express that feeling.

I feel what Oprah was saying with that whole building over there thing as opposed to building over here. People think that since some cat balls his way into the NBA or NFL, or if someone gets blessed with fabulous-ness that they're supposed to automatically just trick off that hard earned paper on their trifling asses.

Wrong answer.

So sister Winfrey built a school across the water for our cousins. A lot of us don't even know what's going on with famo over there anyway, so why should you care? America has this attitude that no other country has. We actually believe that we can do anything if given the chance and opportunity is taken advantage of. If this is the case, then why aren't we off our lazy asses making things happen for change? Of course no one can really answer this question because the answer isn't the same depending on where you're at (remember, it ain't where you from...).

I definitely want to get over to the motherland and lend my hand in whatever capacity I'm needed and create a bridge to get to my cousins this year. I want to leave a piece of myself that I can visit there and I wanna bring something back to share with you. My pisstivity levels have been affected by my attempting to make change here and being slapped in the face by the shiftless and ignorant. Now, I still plan on doing my thing here, but I need a break from the killing fields of the abundant and just get a chance to live among folks that can appreciate the simple things like friggin air, you know?

I'm also frustrated with my hustlers, the brothers and sisters in the infastructure struggle because in conversation and in history repeating itself things like redlining, white flight and blocked opportunities has created this weird pothole in people of color establishing businesses in the neighborhoods that need fiscal cultivation the most. Did you know that there are different zoning and tax laws that make it more expensive to open up a bodega in the hood. This legal and binding structure that is still on the books in most urban cities differs from the laws that exist in more affluent neighborhoods. What kind of shit is this? Am I supposed to live in an area where my people are forced to go outside of fiscal boundaries just to get a decent meal or clothing? I can't go to the hardware store for a tub of spackle? What if I just wanted a cup of coffee and a damn doughnut? Have you noticed that the Black/Mexican/Native corner store is a thing of the past? Have you noticed that the only pastry you'll get these days is the one at the big-ass grocery store or big box bastids?

And them fuckers don't offer healthcare the way we can effectively use it. Give the Governator and G Dub's cabinet (please... have an open mind, he's got a legacy to establish) kudos for making tax credits possible for those that pay for healthcare, even if it is a useless HMO or the PPO providor is three zip codes over. Who am I referring to:

Los Angeles
New Orleans
District of Columbia
New York

I can go on... The fact that educational systems in these and other cities lack the proper funding, leading one to becoming more ignorant of programs, policies and laws that can help one rise and bring the ghetto up with them is a tough pill for me to swallow. Home Ec was the bomb back in high school, but has anyone ever thought of giving a class on maintaining a bank account, how to write check and the pitfalls pimping credit as an early adult? It leads my people to totally overlook entrepenurialism and making social change where they lie because they have to put more hours in at the gig due to not having the correct pedigree. Low friggin wages, man. That is the truth. Folks that have no degree make less than those that do, so more hours are needed to make the pursuit if the American dream happen, and lord help you if you are blessed with children. The 20 year gig at the plant is a thing of the past.

Talk about the dangling carrot.

If one doesn't make a collective effort to raise the hood out of the ashes of the King riots, then how are we to have these great mini villages that'll cultivate the children of those that erected pyramids with advanced math and no bulldozers?

Were will we shop? How is the dollar to recycle if big-box keeps getting it and is doing nothing to put it back? You really think that that faux African gear at Target puts food on your table when in the next couple of days there will be so many fairs and open markets that'll have the real thing in the spirit of Black History Month?

How will you ever get back into school if your SSN remains on the IRS Tax Offset List? Get out of default fam, please! Use your tax return to do that and/or open up a real savings account instead of feeding the pre-paid debit card industry millions a buck or two at a time.

I got a idea for a project. Let's start a library at the crib for our shorties. You think wen can get over to the used bookstore and get stuff that'll stimulate your mind and your lil man/princess' too? Don't let that "He only reads at the Nth grade level" thing stop you. We gotta educate our children too. We can't let our seeds minds rest in the hands of the school system alone, especially if it's under funded. What about a book a week? If you have no shorties, eff it... do it for yourself. Increase your own levels of knowledge.

What about product boycotts? If we were to not buy Newport cigarettes for one day, imagine the response big tobacco would have to them there actions. A week without loot from our community would have representatives storming our blocks like one of their VPs went missing. Trust me, we have so much power and this is the perfect time to get furious.

I may be tired of seeing all of those damn vacant lots and abandoned buildings on my block, but I still know that it is home. Ownership brings pride... Pride creates responsibility. That is taught to the generations that'll care for us when we can no longer care for ourselves, ya feel me?

Get out of that funk fam... Please. I need you. I want to continue to break bread with you.

I will never forsake you, but I need a break from y'all in the same breath. It's a fucking shame that I want to willingly go and live in a land where turf wars mean genocide of entire bloodlines, AIDS runs rampant and to live in poverty is something to aspire to. But I have to mention how much it tires me to see us wallow in brand name jeans, sneaker collections, iPods and fake hair and cry poor like we're suffering and are helpless. I cannot take that as the truth and I cannot see us damn near panhandle to get something and know that is wasn't earned. How much longer will we as a people look at responsibility and do nothing to claim it and perform the actions to correct it? As long as we lease shit from the so-called powers that be we'll never have pride of ownership, so I guess things will continue to look ugly in my neighborhood.

And for all of those that have educated themselves, got all bourgie and left the hood in it's current condition by refusing to teach the principles and methods that got you out and chose not to reach out to pull the rest of those that don't know... Damn you all to hell. I have words for you, and they are harsh and extreme and have a lot to do with lengthy decapitation and torture before death but I won't display them here, but know that I have the type of disdain for you that the Most High had for the earth that forced him/her to flood it out and end all life, even plantation and threaten it with fire the next time it messed up. You folk do not exist in my mind. You are more like potholes in the road. I want to use hot asphalt to place inside of you, flatten it out and then drive over you with a large construction machine. I hope it pains you for a thousand lifetimes, nuff said.

We ain't destitute, we're lazy.

And we're dying because of it. I ain't mad about it. Someone has to die in a war, right? It's just an inconvienient truth that I step over a lot of brown bodies. One thing, y'all look good in death. Them outfits and hairstyles are kicking! Oh, and you won't need those Jordans anymore, right?

Thanks. My cousin really wanted that new color scheme.


Gallis said...

WOW. Regardless of how anyone may feel about your points, your writing is at its best when it's fearless.

deepnthought said...

This was on point. I say right on my brother.

aquababie said...

i always appreciate your honesty. you make me think if i am doing enough. and to tell you the truth, you can never do enough.

Tasha said...

Right on. I do my best every day to give back, and often I feel like I'm not doing enough.

I'm disappointed by the lack of commentary on this post.

Liz Dwyer said...

Thank you for speaking from your heart and soul on this. Well said.