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You all know me and are aware that I am unable to remain silent. At times to be silent is to lie. For silence can be interpreted as acquiescence.
—Miguel de Unamuno


Friday, March 27, 2009

I Owe Everyone An Apology...

For not tending to my due diligence.

I've been blogging since 2004, and where at one point this place was an outlet for my outbursts, it seems in maturity they become more like quiet conversations that have a little meaning for those that choose to read, respond and have participated in some of the life things I have.

I have grown. Y'all deserve better.

I have always been fascinated with politics, technology and independent study as it pertains to Black folk here in America. I'm also moody, opinionated and fickle when it comes to... Well anything. I have waxed poetically, ranted politically and emotionally romped all up and thru here and for some in my inner circle, y'all know my business For others, it wasn't like there were cryptic messages here that could not be followed.

When I started blogging in 2004:

I was a cubicle slave, complaining about being single and miserable in my line of work

I longed for the day that I could be free economically, running my own business

I was casually dating and going through emotional roller coasters

And with a few years with a little internet under my belt:

I had broken free of corporate America and was trying to find my place

I gave up everything I owned and roamed the countryside like Kane from Kung Fu

I relocated a few times and had to stab a few of the hands that fed me

Caused emotional roller coasters by not casually dating

And over the last 18 months I:

Relocated back to Chicago

Got married - Settled down

Got profitable and grounded in my business ventures

Used my political knowledge as leverage against ignorance in a Presidential campaign

And still stirred up a few emotions inside and outside the Ntimbanjayo camp

And for those that had to struggle thru reading that bullshit, I sincerely apologize.

Blogging should have taken on serious aspects of my life and I should have stuck with writing about those particular things that could help, inspire and made sense. I didn't do that so my apologies go out to y'all for dragging folk thru stuff that probably should have never made it to your monitor or laptop screen.

But since I'm here...

I still want to write and communicate, and even wax poetic and speak politics even though shortly before the election 6 months ago I pulled myself from the Obama campaign and refused to blog politically. I'm currently a husband and a future father. I'll still attempt to use this forum as a tool of change for myself. I'm still a tech head, even though I no longer work in cubicle land doing IT related stuff. I still vote and pay taxes and have an opinion on what matters and what I think should be.

I am 20 years or so removed from high school, so most of my peers are parents and/or grandparents and with 14 (and a possible) nieces and nephews I do have discussions in that realm. I have responsibilities and should speak out and reach out to folk when necessary. I still should provoke thought and create and respond via intelligent conversation, not make people ask "what the hell is that?" when I write.

I travel more and have been recording and writing about my escapades. I also have one hell of a social calender and some adventurous friends and I am dying to tell about the people, places and things that make me giggle like a schoolgirl and get me as full as a tick. And drunk even. But between social networking sites, Tweets and business profiles, I'm all over the damn place. Well, not any more.

So, in the next couple of days (maybe a week, I get lazy) I'm going to change up a few things here and centralize all things Hassan on the 'Blogging While Black' domain. There will be sub domains and archives of the old stuff, my current music and literary projects, product reviews (I am a consumer electronics whore slash gadget freak/former network operations dude for 2 majors/2 wireless carriers) and trip recaps (trucker related stuff and the monthly vacation thing the wife and I do). I'll try to cover stuff that makes me tick in a way that is part infoshare - part blog persona because between Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and the rest of em, going to all of those places makes me damn tired. Hell, I own a domain. Might as well use it to its advantage.

So out with the emotional rants, virtual gifts, ignorant quizzes, fake celebrity gossip and pixie dust exploding all over your computer monitor when someone leaves you a note that jut says 'hello'... It's time to get grown in cyberspace. My blog should reflect my growth and development. I just hope other folk follow suit.

Oh and by the way, there will be no sponsorship/renumeration or comps given when I talk about commercial products or tech stuff. By product review, that means either I bought, used, rented, leased or came across and actually utilized something being sold on the open market for either business or pleasure purposes and I have an independent opinion. As much as I drive and travel you know that there is a need for me to partake in stuff that eases and comforts someone that spends so much time away from home. For those that really know me, Then you already know about my other ventures that pay the mortgage and car notes around here.

Once again, I am sorry for not utilizing this medium in a manner that is consistant with grown folk and what they do. Change gon' come soon, okay?


Big Mark 243 said...

Look bro,I am all in. But not being a tech guy AT ALL (weep for my ignorance), I will ask that you send a link to my email address:

I am really glad to have found you. I like the way you write, the way you approach things. I think I may be a little older, but I still can 'feel' most of what you say here.

I REALLY began keeping a journal a few years ago when my relationship began to take water. Even though I had given her a ring, and we were planning to set a date, get a church ... hey, I am here now!

Anywho, I have long held that brothers who think outside of the stereotype and actually venture out into the world, out of where they are from, no matter the circumstance are few. And it should be like that. What was the sample in that P.E. song ..? "Freedom is a road seldom traveled by the multitude."

You are a special cat. Really. I am going to go out on a limb and say you prolly hang with other well adjusted folks. Good for you, and good for them. People that are like minded are usually in groups that mark their character.

Anywho, I am starting to ramble and simply wanted to let you know that I read your blog, and will do my best to keep up!

chele said...

What're you apologizing for? We're still here ain't we?

Looking forward to the changes.

Relevantlystaying said...

I agree with Chele. I like the way you write. Its real, thus the reason I always come back. What makes your blog so interesting is how raw and uncut it is. Some of these bloggers are their own biggest fans, and are truly trying to be a blog celebrity. I think its a breath of fresh air to see someone (for lack of a better word)
KEEPING IT REAL! and speaking their own personal truth!

Much Respect! (regardless as to how you post)


Ladynay said...

I thought this was going to be about you shutting down shop! Whew!

Your piece of the web, you do what you want with it, no apologies needed.

LadyLee said...

You do whatever makes you happy. Your blog has made me happy. I am sure whatever you do will make us ALL happy.

Just be sure to do YOU.

Darius T. Williams said...

Can't wait to see what happens next!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes those rants help clear the head. I know I have ranted about some immature ish on my blog. No apology needed. Just make sure you keep writing.

Gallis said...

Hey as long as there's pictures I'm happy. Then again, my mother's always maintained that I'm easily amused.

Rose said...

What are you talking about Willis? Really- I enjoy coming here. I enjoy your writing, and reading about your ideas, and your thoughts.....

Aly Cat 121 said...

Ain't nobody tripping. But it's all good Bro. do ya thang!